Geoff Nelder’s Books

The Flying Crooked Series Suppose We by Geoff Nelder. Book 1 of 2: The Flying Crooked Series. When a ship crash-lands on a faraway planet the crew needs local help. Unfortunately, the natives are a million years ahead of us. Ignored, the crew has to find a way to get… Continue reading

Alien Exit by Geoff Nelder

ALIEN EXIT by Geoff Nelder. Hard science fiction novel using quantum time dilation and romance to stop alien artefacts inadvertently destroying the Earth with time quakes. A previous version was released as ‘Exit: Pursued By A Bee’. ‘ALIEN EXIT’has been modified. Product Details:ASIN: ‎B08CSXHKDMPrint Length: ‎250 PagesPublication Date: ‎July 10,… Continue reading