The 90’s: Life On The Road (Memoir) by T. J. Wray

The 90’s: Life on the Road (My Life Book 2) by T. J. Wray

This is the second book in the (My Life) series. The first book was about my Teenage Years. This book is about more grown up and adult experiences. Marriage, children, and jobs.

After breaking my back and going through major back surgery, I had to spend a year and a half in rehab and physical therapy learning how to walk again.

Then I needed a new career, and a new adventure. This book will take you down the road to that adventure.

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It was amazing

If you were to think back on your life, first starting out as an adult, what would you remember? Would you have experiences to share? T.J. Wray has taken his life experiences as an adult with a young daughter to care for and written them down in a comfortable, easy speaking way.

This is a brief but true story of his experiences as a trucker, and anything else he could do to shoulder his responsibilities and he tells it in such a way that one knows it comes from his heart. His words aren’t polished or fancy, but his keen sense of humor and determination come through on every page and in every word as he bares another slice of his life to us, the good, the bad and “adult.”

There is no bitterness, no sob story, just the hard facts and his simple truths. I cannot tell you how impressed I am or how T.J. Wray made me feel as if I were sitting right next to him as his story unfolded!

I can’t recommend his books highly enough, for their sincerity and for the fact that he has a reason for writing them that is so heartwarming. Maybe it’s time for some reading from the heart, to get to know another human being who has no airs to put on!

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Print Length: 138 Pages
December 1, 2018
Genre: Non-Fiction, Travel Biographies, Memoirs

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About The Author: T.J. Wray grew up in a small town. He grew up quick and got his first job at only thirteen years old. He knew people depended on him to do his job every day. So, for two years he never missed a day. No matter the weather conditions, he always got the job done. He learned responsibility for his actions at a very early age.

He was very active in his church and with his youth group. He learned a lot from the positive role models in his church, like his youth pastor and his Sunday school teacher. He didn’t drink or party in high school. He was responsible and went to work after school. He got his driver’s license at age fourteen and drove himself everywhere, while the other kids still rode the bus.

Even though he was a teenager, he was an adult. He said in a small-town people wave as they passed by and said hello as they passed on the sidewalk. He said in a small-town people ‘actually shook hands’. In his teenage years, he was an avid fisherman. He once said he would “rather fish, than breath”. There’s nothing that compares to hooking a largemouth bass. He was quoted as saying, “If they don’t ride motorcycles and go fishing in heaven, I don’t want to go!”.

Nowadays, he lives in the Big City. He says nobody knows anybody, and they don’t want to. Everybody is always in a big hurry and would rather run over you then wait for one minute for you to move. No one ever seems to slow down and enjoy life, in the big city. He says he really misses life in a small town.

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