Development Editing by Dina Husseini

Development Editing by Dina Husseini

Service Description:

Development Editing: Your book needs help, that’s where I come in, not just polishing certain places, but I help you create a better book than it once was. We can work side by side fixing your characters, developing your story better; giving the characters unique voices. When you have finished your edits for your manuscript, I take it apart and develop the story. (This does not include grammar/ spelling & if the story needs developing).

Service Fee Schedule: 3 different payments depending on the number of pages.

  1. Payment one: 0.05$/ word 200-300 pages
  2. Payment two: 0.10$/ word 100-200 pages
  3. Payment three: 0.15$/ word 0-100 pages
  4. Bonus Offer: 300+ pages: 3$/ page


  • “Dina has been an absolute treasure in reaching out to me, guiding me, providing support, and encouraging me. She gave me the boost I’ve needed as a writer to take steps I’ve been afraid to take. I’m so thankful our paths have crossed! ❤” Katy Copeland.
  • “Fantastic book! 5/5 She is amazing! Helped me in editing my book too!!!” Despina Nicola.
  • “Without Dina; where would my manuscript be? Dina is a brilliant editor and an amazing friend. A million thank-you to you, dear.” Engy Donia.
  • “Well… Where do I begin… Dina had and still has a big impact on my life… You see… Years ago, I lost someone very dear to me and i lived in depression for years. Even tried to take my own life. It was all over. Until she entered my life. Dina, in her own way, took my hand and dragged me out of the hole i was in. From wanting to end everything to just writing about my feelings… Writing helped a lot and Dina always had my back. I’m mentally in a better place now because of her. Thank you, D… For saving my life!” George Reaidy.

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