Sample Inquiry Letter

Sample Inquiry Letter

Date: September 19, 2017
Name: Example Mr. John Smith- Producer

Production Company Name
Production Company Address
Production Company City, State and Zip Code

Dear Director of Development (or whomever you are addressing).

I wish to submit my feature length screenplay ‘Path Of The Traitors’ for your consideration. ‘Path Of The Traitors’ is book fourteen in my fifteen book fantasy series title ‘Legends Of Windemere’. The cast is well developed, each book is sold on Amazon and the financial rewards will outweigh your investment.

Enter the world of Windemere where magic, monsters, and adventure can be found around every corner.

Long ago, an ancient evil threatened the gods and came dangerously close to consuming the entire world.  Sealed for centuries, this monster continues to be a shadow on the horizon and send agents into the world to prepare for its return.  The only ones who stand in its way are the six champions chosen by Gabriel the God of Destiny, but even he cannot be certain how much chaos will be caused by the mortals’ free will.  Battling through undead, Weapon Dragons, chaos elves, and creatures long thought extinct, these heroes must grow and mature to finish what the gods of Windemere started.

When this action-packed adventure is done, the world be plunged into either an Age of Heroes or an Age of Darkness?

If you are interested, I am prepared to send you the screenplay along with all fifteen books in the series, so you set the scene.

Please feel free to contact me via phone or email.

US Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Email: ************

I look forward to your instructions.


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The body of this letter comes from a real letter (real book series). Please see the photo creation below. Remember this is copyrighted information.

Please read my blog post “Screenplay Tips” so that you will be ready when they respond back.

We wish you the very best of luck. Please feel free to reach out to us if you help with an inquiry letter.

Keep in mind that we are working on huge database of Hollywood producers, investors, etc. Our goal is to help authors narrow done the scope of who to send inquires to depending on genre.

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Author Of Letter: Theodocia McLean
Copyright Date: January 18, 2019

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