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Time Travel-Science Fiction Thriller Series: (The Harry and Meg Series)

A Sea Of Fear: A Novel of Time Travel (Book Three of the Harry and Meg Series) by Russell Moran

You’re Five-Star Admiral Harry Fenton, who President Blake calls the greatest fighting admiral in American history. Along with your Navy Commander wife, Meg, you lead your carrier strike group against the worst enemy the country has faced since World War II, a small nation that is intent on destroying the world’s shipping industry.

The seas of the world have become scenes of plunder, pillage, and mass murder. The president has convinced you to come out of retirement and put an end to the looming crisis. He promotes you to Fleet Admiral, the highest-ranking officer since Admiral Chester Nimitz. You and Meg were having a pleasant retirement, running a world-class resort that you bought in Rhode Island. But when the president pleads you to “Give ‘em Hell, Harry,” you know that you can’t ignore his call to duty. As people who have time traveled in the past, you come up with an idea to travel three years into the future.

With President Blake’s blessing, you and Meg lead a group of officers into the future. What you find is horrifying, an America taken over by a totalitarian dictator. You return to the past and report your findings. President Blake, hearing your terrifying story, convinces you that you have an even bigger call to duty, the greatest challenge of your life. You take on the challenge for one reason—Meg will be at your side.

As in the first two books of the Harry and Meg Series, The Maltese Incident and The Violent Sea, A Sea of Fear is a sweet romance between two of literature’s most exciting and likable characters, Harry and Meg Fenton. A Sea of Fear is a story of war, politics, time travel, and love.

5 Star Review: Just in time for summer reading and cruise ship vacations, A Sea of Fear by Russell Moran is here.

A Sea of Fear begins with this exceptional literary series’ two leading characters, Harry (Admiral) and Meg (Commander) Fenton both retired from their high-ranking positions in the US Navy, enjoying their very own, successful luxury resort on Narragansett Bay in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

When news breaks that the Majestic (Celebrity Cruise Line Ship) has been attacked by a gunboat while in the Caribbean. President Blake requests both Harry and Meg come to the White House. Sensing the situation, Harry and Meg drop what they are doing and put their President and Country first.

With the understanding of time travel well established, Meg is asked to lead a group of US Officers into the future. America’s future is not what any government official, political or military would ever envision. With knowledge comes responsibility and maybe a chance to rewrite history.

Harry and Meg are true professionals, but they keep their personal married life and true love kindled with endearing communications and romantic encounters, when time and work pressure permit. Most of the time, they have a working relationship and with the Cruise Line Industry in grave danger, I share this quote.

“I walked into Meg’s office, next to mine. God, how can this woman be so neat when she has at least five balls juggling int the air at any one time? I couldn’t imagine a better chief of staff.”

“I guess you’ve heard the news by now,” I said.

“Yes, a news flash just popped up on my screen,” Meg said. “I assume you’re talking about the attack on the Splendor of the Seas. I just got this photo from the Office of Naval Intelligence. Some brave guy snapped a shot of the attacking ship just before it hit. Come and have a look, honey. As you can see it’s a close-up of the bridge of the attacking ship. It’s empty. ONI thinks this was a remote-controlled collision, probably directed by radio signals from a drone. Harry, I think this may be the official end of the cruise line business.”

“That sounds dramatic, but it’s also accurate. Each ship attack resulted in more and more booking cancellations. From the briefing memo I read this morning, I believe the sinking of the Splendor will bring the number of cancelled cruises to 100 percent. That little shit country has pulled off something nobody could have imagined. Come on, hon, a car awaits us for a trip to the base airport.”

“Where are we going?”

“Wanna guess?”

In this fast moving, action drama you will have a front row seat to critical situations that involve the security of the US, maritime treats of war, critical time travel and political decisions that will affect more than just the future of Harry and Meg Fenton.

Author Russell F Moran keeps the reader engaged in this third book of hisHarry and Meg Series. Each book stands alone, but you haven’t read The Maltese Incident (book one) and The Violent Sea (book two), pick up and enjoy all three as we wait to see if there is yet another installment on the horizon. I expect to see a made for TV Harry and Meg series one day. BMGN Review Date: May 5, 2019.

Product Details:
Series: The Harry and Meg Series (Book 3)
Paperback: 332 Pages
April 2019
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Time Travel

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The Violent Sea: A Novel of Time Travel (Book Two of the Harry and Meg Series) by Russell Moran

Rear Admiral Harry Fenton has done it again. He’s traveled through time. He finds himself, with a serious head injury from a fall, at Pearl Harbor Base Hospital on May 16, 1942, three weeks before the Battle of Midway.

His wife and aide, Lieutenant Meg Fenton, is frantic, and waits for him—in 2018.

Admiral Harry is the commanding officer of Carrier Strike Group 14 in 2018, but the people in 1942 think he’s a busted up, hallucinating sailor who imagines himself an admiral. Admiral Raymond Spruance is commanding officer of Carrier Task Force 16. After hearing about Harry’s wild claims, Spruance orders him brought to his flagship, the USS Enterprise. After Harry tells him about time travel, Spruance is convinced the man is insane. But after speaking to him at length, Spruance is amazed at Harry’s knowledge of naval tactics and strategy. He calls Harry’s bluff and orders him to stay aboard the Enterprise for her upcoming engagement at the Battle of Midway. By the end of the battle, Spruance thinks of Harry Fenton as a friend, and even calls him “admiral.”

Now Harry needs to figure out how to travel back to 2018, to his carrier command, but most importantly, to the love of his life, Lieutenant Meg.

Chapter 1 Excerpt “Here, drink this,” the nurse said. “You’re not taking in enough liquids.” Good idea, I thought. I was thirsty as hell. I downed the glass of water in two gulps. But where am I? I wondered. Well, in a hospital obviously, but why? “Excuse me,” I said, speaking loudly because the nurse was about to leave the room.

The act of raising my voice caused a lightning bolt of pain to zing through my head. My eyes went blurry and I felt nauseous. She turned around and walked back to my bed. She held up a mirror. Holy shit, I looked like I collided head-on with a train. My forehead was swollen and my face was discolored, a pretty mix of purple, red, yellow, and could that be green? “Where am I? I know it’s a hospital, but where?” “You’re at the base hospital at Pearl Harbor.” Pearl Harbor?

Sounds familiar, I thought. “Please explain what happened to me.” “You were in Building 19, God knows why, and you apparently tripped and slammed your head against an engine block. Pretty stupid of them to put an engine block in the middle of the floor if you ask me. The place has no electricity and the windows are boarded up. From what the shore patrol guy said, it seems that you walked off a step to a lower level and fell forward, resulting in what you just saw in the mirror.” “You’ve been here exactly one week. I’m glad to see that you’re talking. This is the first sign of consciousness you’ve shown. You had one nasty concussion.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” “Of course. Could I please have some more water?” “You can have as much water as you want. So, let me ask you a couple of questions. Who are you, and what’s your name?” Oh, my God. My head started throbbing again. I could not believe I couldn’t answer her simple question—and it was a good question. Who am I? “I’m sorry. I don’t recall a name. But things are starting to come back to me.” “Well, sailor, you’re doing great, my friend. We’ll just keep talking, and your memory will come back to you.” “Nancy, please hand me that newspaper.” “Sure thing. Let’s see how your reading skills are doing.”

The date on the first page read May 16, 1942. Shit, I must be hallucinating. “Hey, sailor, you look pale. Do you want to rest a bit?” I dozed off. When I woke up, Nurse Nancy was there “So, sailor, do you recall being in the Navy?” “Yes, I’m in the Navy.” My memory was starting to come back “Are you stationed on a ship?” “Yes, definitely yes. The USS Gerald R. Ford, an aircraft carrier. It’s my flagship.” “Your flagship?” “Yes, I’m Rear Admiral Harry Fenton, the Commanding Officer of Carrier Strike Group 14.”“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Admiral. My name is Florence Nightingale. Now get some more sleep, sailor.”

5 Star Review: Imagine you could actually time travel. Now imagine waking up from a serious concussion in a strange hospital in 1942. When the fog in your head starts to clear, you realize if you tell the hospital staff that you are from the year 2018, they will most certainly commit you to an insane asylum. This is the precarious situation that Rear Admiral Harry Fenton finds himself in. Meanwhile in 2018, Harry’s wife and chief of staff, Lieutenant Meg Fenton and others close to the admiral, are frantic when Harry goes for a run and doesn’t return.

When he’s released from the hospital, Admiral Harry goes to sea with Admiral Raymond Spruance and engages in the Battle of Midway. He makes a time travel believer out of Spruance, who is amazed at Harry’s command of naval tactics. When he returns to Pearl Harbor, Meg awaits him.

In this well-written, well-balanced military suspense, time travel thriller, Author Russell Moran skillfully takes the readers from one time period to the next, keeping the reader engaged with his true-to-life characters, balancing personal life, with their sworn duty to protect American interests. It’s also a sweet romance between Harry and is wife, Meg.

Admiral Harry revisits the time portal and returns to the present. It is Friday, November 2, 2018 when the US Carrier Strike Group 14 rendezvoused with Japanese and South Korean ships in Tokyo Bay.

The country is faced with a crisis when Iran suddenly becomes a nuclear power. Admiral Harry, happy to be back in command of his strike group, comes up with the idea of a naval and air blockade.

“President Blake, besides being a gutsy leader, is a gifted diplomat. Secretary of Defense Jamison told him about my idea of a blockade and he realized it made sense, but only with the full cooperation of our allies. No way would he want the United States to go it alone with a risky operation like a blockade.”

When dealing with a nuclear power like Iran, powerful countries like Russia and China suddenly take notice. The burning question remains, who can we trust? The strategic objective of the blockade is simple; turn back any ship or plane leaving Iran and prevent any from arriving. “But the tactical operations could get dicey as hell,” Admiral Harry says.

I have enjoyed reading many of Russell Moran’s fourteen novels. As a lawyer and veteran in the United States Navy, Russell brings authenticity to his stories. The Violent Sea lives up to my expectations of his story telling and riveting plots. Each of his books are stand-alone, but if you are not familiar with his characters, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of character’s (with their titles) at the end of the book. The Violent Sea (book two of the Harry and Meg Series), is the sequel to The Maltese Incident, published June, 2018. Russell promises his readers a new title “Leonardo Murphy” to be published by the end of this year. BMGN/Cold Coffee Review Date: November 6, 2018.

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Series: The Harry and Meg Series (Book 2)
Paperback: 297 Pages
October 2018
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Time Travel

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The Maltese Incident: Harry and Meg Series Book One by Russell Moran

A corporate cruise ship, The Maltese, sets sail from Manhattan for the beautiful Azores on a charity fundraising cruise. The ship encounters a strange event in the ocean, and, after two minutes of turbulence, finds itself in a different time. The ship is surrounded by gigantic sharks. They’ve traveled back in time two million years.

The captain, Harry Fenton, a highly decorated naval war hero, falls in love with a beautiful passenger, Meg Johnson, a vice president of the Malta Investments, the company that owns the ship. After a whirlwind romance, they marry—in the ship’s ballroom. Captain Fenton convinces the passengers and crew that they must move ashore to a tropical island because the ship is running out of fuel and supplies.

An ancient forest inhabited by dinosaurs awaits them.

Captain Harry organizes a group to go ashore and inspect the island. Meg wants to go with them. Harry, fearing for her safety, tries to convince her to stay on the ship. Meg demonstrates that she is proficient with a gun by taking apart a rifle and reassembling it—in 15 seconds. Harry marvels that he’s never seen such an expert gun handler— or accurate shooter. So, AR-15 in hand, Meg joins the inspection party. Attacking dinosaurs are no match for Meg Fenton’s firepower.

Will the 1,000 souls ever make it back to the time they came from, or will they remain stranded in the distant past?

A scientist aboard theorizes that, to return to their present time, they need to go back to the time portal, or wormhole, that brought them to the past. But the ship doesn’t have enough fuel for the journey.

Realizing that their lives have hit the reset button, the crew and passengers construct a community in the forest—Malta Town. Under Harry and Meg’s leadership, they create a court system, a legislature, and all the elements of a small budding democracy. Meg figures out a way to harness hydroelectric power from a nearby waterfall. Everybody thinks of Harry and Meg as the heart and soul of Malta Town. They begin their new lives—among the dinosaurs.

The Maltese Incident is a tale of time travel, love, courage, and horror.

The Violent Sea, Book Two of the Harry and Meg Series, is the sequel to The Maltese Incident. Like The Maltese Incident, The Violent Sea is the further adventures of Harry and Meg Fenton, now two career naval officers. It is also a novel of time travel and alternate history. The Violent Sea will be published in the Summer of 2018.

5 Star Review:  As a reader who has enjoyed several of this author’s books; I am delighted that Author Russell Moran has written a new action adventure, romance, science fiction, alternative history series.

While reading The Maltese Incident my mind thought of all those ships, planes and people who have disappeared over the years in the Bermuda Triangle. Remember, that mystery has not yet been solved or any remains found.

Author Russell Moran uses his imagination and storytelling to put his readers on board the Maltese Corporate Cruise Ship, gliding its way from the Manhattan to the Azores. I dare say more rich people take cruises like this one, than simple retired folk like myself. It doesn’t take long into the story for me to appreciate not being on the Maltese in reality. With a bump and flash of light the Maltese passengers find themselves in alternate reality. The 1,000 souls on board must use their combined skills and what materials they have to survive with prehistoric creatures in the sea and on the land that they find and inhabit.

Just when you think nothing could be worse, other ships go missing. While the experts work on trying to figure out what has happened, Captain Harry Fenton and his wife Meg, the crew and passengers of the Maltese struggle to survive in an ancient time, avoid being eaten by prehistoric creatures, keep structure and civility among themselves while seeking a way to return through whatever portal, wormhole or time wrap they came through.

While military, scientists, academia, intelligence agencies and people around the world are still coming to grips with what is happening in the ocean, Wolf Blitzer reports from CNN. “The Celebrity Line cruise ship, Ocean Magic, disappeared last night. This incident didn’t happen in the Azores as did the other two events, but 50 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Just as with the previous two incidents, the ship simply disappeared.”

Theories abound and questions emerge about whether our own technology could be used against us. I invite you to read The Maltese Incident for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

You will find his detailed list of characters helpful. I personally enjoy Author Russell Moran’s fictional story telling and I am looking forward to his next book in this series titled “The Violent Sea”. BMGN/Cold Coffee Review Date: November 6, 2018.

Product Details:
Series: The Harry and Meg Series (Book 1)
Print Length: 175 Pages
June 2018
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Time Travel

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About the Author: Russell F.  Moran is the author of 17 novels. His book series include The Harry and Meg Series, The Matt Blake Legal Thrillers Series, The Time Magnet Series, The Patterns Series, and many stand-alone books.

The Harry and Meg Series:

  • The Maltese Incident was published in June 2018.
  • The Violent Sea was published in October of 2018.
  • A Sea of Fear was published in April 2019.

The Matt Blake Legal Thrillers Series:

  • Sideswiped was published December 12, 2015.
  • The Reformers was published March 14, 2016.
  • The President Is Missing was published May 30, 2017.

The Time Magnet Series:

  • The Gray Ship was published August 29, 2013.
  • The Thanksgiving Gang was published August 19, 2014.
  • A Time of Fear was published September 22, 2014.
  • The Skies of Time was published March 3, 2015.
  • The Keepers of Time was published January 30, 2017.

The Patterns Series:

  • The Shadows of Terror was published July 6, 2015.
  • The Scent of Revenge was published July 22, 2015.

Stand Alone Books:

  • Leonardo Murphy was published March 11, 2019.
  • A Climate of Doubt was published May 18, 2018.
  • Robot Depot was published October 11, 2017.
  • A Reunion in Time was published April 1, 2017.
  • Justice in America (nonfiction) was published (July 16, 2011.
  • Your Business Plan (nonfiction) was published June 6, 2012.

Russell F. Moran also published four more nonfiction books: Boating Basics: The Boattalk Book of Boating Tips; If You’re Injured: A Consumer Guide to Personal Injury Law; How to Create More Time; The Novel – A Writer’s Guide.

Russ is a lawyer and a veteran of the United States Navy. He lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife, Lynda.

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