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We are working together to build readership!

We respect that Authors have tight ‘Promotional Budgets’; this is why we offer low-cost ‘Book Promotional Campaigns’.

  • The ‘Promotional Campaign’ keeps your ‘Author’s Page’ and book information high up in the search engines.
  • It keeps your Author/Book information high up on our BMGN website.
  • This gives us a chance to update your ‘Author’s Page’ (covers, descriptions, purchase links, etc.) and ‘Promotional PDF’.
  • It keeps your Author/Book information higher up within Social Media avenues.
  • It keeps us communicating. We want to work with you to build readership.
  • You can view your ‘Author’s Page’ Reader/Visitor count on the top left-hand side of your ‘Author’s Page’.
  • You can request a new ‘Promotional Campaign’ at any time for extra promotion.
  • We give you a ‘Promotional Report’ With each campaign (track our promotions).
  • We give you our special ‘Promotional Tools’ to use for your own promotions.
  • We invite you to join our promotional avenues (you can promote yourself alongside our promotions).

Important News: We will send you a ‘Word Doc’ with a list of links, inviting you to promote your own book(s) on our Facebook Pages and in our many Facebook Groups. We want you to promote your books alongside our author/book promotions. We will work together to reach readers. Please request this document, if you haven’t received the list in your email on file with us. This list of links, plus many more will also be sent in the ‘Promotional Report’ after the ‘Promotional Campaign’ is complete.

Please Email Us With The Book Title, Trilogy, Or Series You Want Promotion For! We Will Respond Back With Details Concerning Your ‘Promotional Campaign’!


You Can Also Submit Your Book To Our Book Review Program!

Book Review Program:  We offer ‘Professional/Editorial Book Reviews’ for Published and Unpublished manuscripts. When an Author sends us a request to join our ‘Book Review Program’, he/she is required to send us his/her book manuscript in a PDF or Word format. We will evaluate whether or not we want to proceed with the ‘Book Review’ process. We are looking for 5 Star books. Not all manuscripts are accepted into the program.

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