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Privacy Policy For Book Marketing Global Network

Book Marketing Global Network Serves Readers, Authors, and Businesses Globally!

  • We Accept All Genres In Our Global Library.
  • We Promote All Authors (From All Publishers).
  • We Create An Author’s Page For Each Author.
  • We Build A Readership For Each Author’s Page.
  • Visitor Count On The Bottom Of Each Author’s Page.
  • We List Your Book(s) In Global Library.
  • We List Children’s Books In Grandmas Book Club.
  • We Enter Each Book Cover Into Our Book Cover Contests.
  • We Enter Each Book Video Into Our Book Video Contests.
  • We Enter All Trilogies and Book Series Into Our Trilogy/Series Contests.
  • We Provide Published and Unpublished Professional/Editorial Reviews.
  • We Offer A FREE ‘Service Provider Page’ For Our Authors With Services.
  • We Offer A FREE ‘Business/Hobby Listing’ For Our Authors (who wish to participate).
  • No Annual or Monthly Renewal Fees For Authors.

Personal Data: We do not collect personal data on our website (through forms, comment boxes, instant messaging etc.).

Website Author’s Pages and Third-Party Pages: The information listed on our Authors’ Pages, Service Provider Pages, Business/Hobby Listing Pages, and Third- Party Pages have been freely given to us by our Authors and Third-Party Service Providers. We harvest and post some information from our Authors and third-party websites, and other locations, as instructed by our Authors and Third-Party Contributors.

Sensitive Information: We do not collect sensitive information, such as physical addresses, phone numbers, health information, etc. Everything that we collect and display on Book Marketing Global Network is retained and posted with full consent of our Authors and Third-Party Contributors.

Our Website Theme: Our website theme is through Word Press. By default, WordPress collects very little data, in keeping with all their Word Press Themes. They can/do collect data shown on the ‘user profile screen’ from our registered users. Since we do not use a ‘member sign in’ or ‘user profile screen’, no information about our authors are collected.

Open For Public Reading Only: Our websites pages are open to the public, for reading only. Our visitors can download our special PDFs, which are meant to encourage readers to learn as much as they can about our Authors.

Our Promotional Campaigns: We run a full ‘Promotional Campaign’ for each author when he/she joins. We also run a new ‘Promotional Campaign’ for each book added. We send a full ‘Promotional Report’ (with live links) to the Author’s email after a ‘Promotional Campaign’ is complete. We continue to promote each ‘Featured Book’ or ‘Book Group’ within our social media avenues year-round (on a rotation schedule). We highly recommend Authors request a new ‘Promotional Campaign’ quarterly, every six months, or at least annually, if you have not added a new book in a while.

Book Review Program: When an Author sends us a request to join our ‘Book Review program’, he/she is required to send us his/her book manuscript in a PDF or Word Doc Format. We will evaluate whether or not we want to proceed with the ‘Book Review’ process. We are looking for the ‘Best-Of-The Best’ books. If we accept a book into our ‘Book Review Program’, we will send the author a ‘Professional/Editorial Review’ to proof, before we post it anywhere within our ‘Promotional Avenues’. Once the author proofs our review and accepts it, we delete the book PDF/Word Doc from our system, and proceed with the details spelled out in our ‘Promotional Contract’ (sent to the Author in email).

The Best Of The Best: We are seeking the best-of-the best books to review. Authors are welcome to send us the book manuscript for book review consideration. We only accept the best. The review and promotional process for a Professional/Editorial Review is labor intense. Please see all the details at this link:

Readership: We can’t promise increased book sales, but we can promise ‘Increased Readership’ for your Author’s Page on Book Marketing Global Network (BMGN). Our ‘Global Library’ and ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ enjoys increased readership every day. Our promotions on our social media avenues also produce ‘Increased Readership’. Our Authors report increased book sales through our process.

Increased Book Sales: We can’t promise increased book sales. We can promise ‘Increased Readership’ for your Author’s Page. If an author is dissatisfied with the readership that he/she is gaining on their Author’s Page, he/she may cancel their page at any time, and it will be removed. Our authors report increased book sales through our process.

Contests: Our contests are open to all our authors. All Book Covers, Book Videos, Trilogies and/or Book Series listed on our Authors Pages, will be submitted into our contests monthly. Our Judges will select winners, based on the quality of the book cover, with the ability to grab the reader’s attention. Our Judges will select book video winners, based on the quality of the video and the ability to draw the reader into the story. Our Judges will select a trilogy and or book series based on quality and the ability to grab the reader’s attention. Keep in mind, you only have seconds to capture the attention of a reader and create a desire to purchase your book.

Visitor (Readership) Counter: We have a visitor counter on the bottom of each page of the website. This makes it easy for Authors to follow how many have visited their page. We recommend each Author use their page link like they do their professional website link. Send other authors and readers to your Author’s Page at Book Marketing Global Network.

No Refund Policy: Our work is so labor intensive; we do not offer refunds.

Cookies: We only use the cookies WordPress installs by default.

Login: We do not use a log in capability for our Authors, Visitors, Readers, or Third-Party Contributors.

Payments For Our Services: Invoices are sent to individuals for payments for our services. Our invoices are handled through secure ‘Independent Vendors’. All data collected is contracted by user through their service, not us.

Emails: We communicate with our Authors, Businesses, and Third-Party Contributors, by way of email.

Data on Author’s Page or Third-Party Page: All data is collected, retained and posted is by permission of Authors and/or Third-Party Contributors. It is removed and deleted upon request.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of our Authors and Third-Part Contributors, might not be the opinions and views of our Management.

We Are Here To Serve Readers, Authors, and Our Business Community.

Thank You For Reading This Privacy Policy. We Update This Policy As Needed.


Contact Our Management Team (Our Admin Is Your First Line Of Contact With Our Management Team).

Last Updated: 2021

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