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Sedalia-Indiana (Book One In Series) by William Crow Johnson

If you grew up in the rural Midwest, you’ve met big, easy-going Sheriff Tip Tungate, with his uniquely local sense of justice.

You’ve sat in front of hulking principal Butch Bauer, who runs “the best sports program in the state,” and seen his football trophies in the display case behind him.

You know Mrs. Aubrey, the church secretary who knows everything, and Pastor Frank, the minister with a secret.

You’ve eaten breaded tenderloin at Big Iva’s Truckstop while watching goings-on among the Peterbilts.

You have eaten baked beans and chocolate cake at the church carry-in supper, been embarrassed by a revival, and seen what happens in small towns to intellectuals who won’t shut up.

Seat of Howarth County, Indiana, not far north of the Ohio River, Sedalia is on no map, but lives in the hearts of Hoosiers everywhere.

Review by Gregory M. Brown. Great storyteller! “As I read it, I couldn’t stop turning pages to see what is going to happen! Great storyteller!”

Review by Sci-Fi Guy. Clean living isn’t always so clean…“Worth the chuckles, the residents of Sedalia dispense some grade-A Hoosier justice. From the town gossip to the church congregation to the a la carte pickles in the jar over at the general store–this is as authentic as it gets!”

Review by G. L. Macklin. Small town fun. “If you are from a small town or know someone who is, this book is for you and your friends. The characters are all people we know and can relate too. A fun read.”

Review by Pen It! Publications, LLC. Love this look at Small-Town Indiana….A MUST READ! Just finished reading Sedalia, Indiana. What a funny, heart-warming, and interesting look at small-town, Indiana. I especially enjoyed and could relate to the chapter on the Writer’s Group. A MUST HAVE BOOK! Be sure to read this one….”

Global Library: Literary Satire Fiction, American Humorous Fiction, Literary Short Stories

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The Sword is Whet by William Crow Johnson

Sheriff Earl (Tip) Tungate must stop whoever is behind a series of ghastly murders in peaceful Sedalia, Indiana.

Mysteriously, the FBI and local prosecutor order him off the cases, but he persists. Then he learns their reasons.

These are not just murders, but part of a terrifying terrorist plot aimed at the entire United States.

And Tip knows what the FBI doesn’t. Only he can stop it.

Editorial Review: “An intelligent mystery with quirky characters, ironic humor, and brisk action.” –Kirkus

Review by Pen It! Publications, LLC. Nukes in Rural Indiana…Whoda Thunk It! I just finished this, the third book in the Sedalia, Indiana series from William Crowe Johnson. Love the characters in this and the first two books. This book takes on a different, darker twist, and I loved it. Excellent read. Highly recommend you buy the entire series.”

Review by SEM Cubs. Another well written and entertaining Johnson book. Who would …Another well written and entertaining Johnson book. Who would have thought that a small-town sheriff would be involved in international terrorism? The characters are well developed with many carried forward from prior Johnson books. Hope Mr. Johnson continues with his Sedalia related series of books.”

From The Author: This is the third in a series set in Sedalia (Sedalia, Indiana, Vengeance, and The Sword is Whet). Sheriff Earl (Tip) Tungate appears in all, facing steeper challenges in each. Even little Sedalia is getting to be a very dangerous place.

Global Library: Murder Thrillers

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The Adventures of Sara Springborn and Mr. Wollo Bushtail:
or Wollo’s Journey by William Crow Johnson

On his Great Journey of discovery, which all bushtails undertake in the richness of their seasons, Mr. Wollo Bushtail discovers that Man-Creatures have rediscovered the Speech. They can talk to and understand forest creatures. This is a great tragedy, because along with the power of Speech goes the power to disappear things.

Wollo must warn his fellow creatures. Sara Springborn kind of forgets to tell her mother where she’s going, and sets off with Mr. Bushtail to the Great Forest Council, there to defend her kind. She knows at the start that Mr. Wintersleeper King, head of the Council, wants to obliviate man-creatures for the trouble they cause, so there will be danger.

Mr. King gives her twenty suns to solve the man-creature problem. Else, he will eat her and disappear all humans. Thus she and Wollo head to Washington DC to see Mr. President. Only he can address a problem this big. Evil people, frightful adventures, and narrow escapes do not deter them, and in the end . . .

Age Range: 9 – 12 Years
Grade Level: 7 – 12
Grandma’s Book Club: Fantasy & Magic Books

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Vengeance by William Crow Johnson

A beloved elderly farmer is shot in the back of the head on the way back from his mail box.

A nine-year-old girl is shot in the forehead during school recess. A parking-lot gal at Big Iva’s Truck Stop gets it from three hundred yards away.

Big, easy-going Sheriff Tip Tungate doesn’t have a clue. But he must stop the killing. This is not supposed to happen in Sedalia, seat of Howarth County, Indiana, not far north of the Ohio River. Pressure mounts.

Big Iva blames him: not doing his job. The FBI is after him: supposed racketeering with Big Iva.

His deputy maneuvers to undercut him. His estranged daughter calls from New York. Can she come home? She’s receiving death threats. Then the ball-busting, governor’s-protégé young prosecutor throws him under the bus. No gun, no badge.

To protect his town and his family he has to go rogue. The Russian mob. Blackmail. Revenge. Past deeds. Political vendettas. Dirty FBI. War. Karma. It all comes home to roost.

Review by Kirkus: “A down-home murder mystery in a small Midwestern town leads a lawman to big-city criminals and a PTSD nightmare come to life.

Johnson first introduced readers to the sleepy town of Sedalia in a previous book, Sedalia, Indiana (2016). In a place where the only thing thicker than gossip is Machiavellian political intrigue, Sheriff Earl “Tip” Tungate must divide his time between fighting crime and navigating a bureaucracy that conspires against him.

The tale weaves its way from the unexplainable sniper murders of an old farmer and a young girl through a labyrinth of clues, dead ends, and plot twists as Tungate’s methodical investigation unearths a sinister design in which he finds himself the centerpiece. He sifts through myriad theories: drive-by, revenge, inheritance, mercy killing, the Russian mob.

Eventually, his estranged daughter, a New York City newscaster, is threatened, apparently by the same killer. All the while, he must contend with a chief deputy after his job, a female trooper who thinks he’s a chauvinist, and a district attorney and governor who want to sink him and take credit for solving the case. Tungate is a brilliantly constructed character.

Neither valiant paragon of virtue nor deeply flawed antihero, he is rather a somewhat out-of-shape Everyman, who, like some Midwestern Columbo, craftily allows people to underestimate him. Johnson manages to powerfully combine the best elements of popular and literary fiction.

The plot is tight, the action plentiful, and mysteries abound. At the same time, the characters are meticulously constructed and cliché-free, while the writing is crisp, concise, and filled with strikingly poignant imagery: “His right hand still clutched his electric bill and his Farm Journal. It looked as though he might get up from his open-eyed nap and go into the house about his old-man business, reading his periodical and pretending he still had farm business to attend to. He probably looked forward to that magazine all month.”

Filled with dark, sardonic humor and absurd, exhilarating situations, this book delivers an intelligently written police drama with a shrewd protagonist.”

Paperback: 312 Pages
Global Library: Murder Thrillers

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Earth 2.0 Trilogy

Earth 2.0: Prison Planet by William Crow Johnson

Major Alexander Khan, long a respected officer in the galaxy-ranging Internal Movement Control, is now a criminal, banished to Prison Planet in 2442 by Earth Central Government. They dump him naked in a blizzard to die there, after “convicting” him of distribution of contraband technology, conspiracy to destroy harmony, failure to condemn wrong views, and failure to initiate positive statements.

Officially a secret, Prison Planet persists in whispers. Earth-like, it harbors three million transportees, kept down by tech-suppression satellites. But the ECG hasn’t visited the surface in the three hundred years it’s been sending prisoners there, so Khan has no idea if he will even find anybody alive.

Survival skills and training kick in as Khan takes advantage of the planet’s natural elements. Once confident he will survive, he makes his plans. He will search out the people here and make friends. But then he must find a way back to Earth to avenge his father’s death, overturn the ECG, and take down Nathan Fox, the ECG operative who ordered his father’s murder.

Four groups have developed on Prison Planet — Techs, Lords, Maneaters, and Elves –and Khan gets help at some point from all of them. He frees a fief’s slaves from its lords, escapes Maneaters, and transforms the world of the Techs on his journey toward his new goal: bringing freedom to his people on Prison Planet.

Khan understands that the price of failure is the death of those he has come to love on his new planetary home.

Review by KIRKUS: An intriguing novel that doubles as a love song to capitalism.

Review by Mom Who Loves Tween Books. Excellent Read. “Loved this science fiction book. Just the right amount of adventure, dystopia, fantasy, and humor. A bit of romance thrown in, strongly spiced with irony. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Review by Sci-Fi Guy. Warning: explicit, thought-provoking, contents. Purchase immediately! “Intriguing in its resonance of message, Earth 2.0: Prison Planet has something for everyone. Author Wiliam Crow Johnson renders an unbelievably ornate multi-world tale interweaving aliens, cannibals, elves, primitives, technocrats, and a self-serving dystopic ruling class.

A writer’s writer, Johnson paints the first tome of his trilogy with the brush of a thousand epic tales gone before. The characters, like the best of friends, are approachable if not in some cases deliciously ribald. Clearly Johnson enjoyed writing this book–and I enjoyed reading it.”

Review by Witchy Womyn. Great Sci-Fi! Series! Prison planet isn’t what it seemed to be. Interesting characters. Great plot. I love characters that break out of the mold. *Highly recommended*”

Review by D. Dobler. Brilliant story! This is one of the most well thought out, inventive, charming yet action-oriented stories of space travel I’ve ever read. I’m hoping to get the second book momentarily and continue on. Great book!”

Review by Grizzly Joe. Earth 2.0 prison planet. “Wonderful story. very entertaining. if you are a sci-fi fan, you will want this in your collection. move over lord of the rings.”

Review by Jonathon K. Good storytelling. “Earth 2.0 is somewhat formulaic and has one of those protagonists who is so superior to everyone else that the victory in everything is pretty much assured, all things that might tend to put me off. But the author somehow manages to make it work. This is an engaging tale of derring do and revenge, of good versus evil (even if the evil has thoroughly understandable motives.)

I think what makes this work is the authors ability to paint with the written word. He is skilled writer who takes the reader on a vivid and compelling journey. As I wrote above, Major Khan is somewhat of a superman, stronger, faster, and smarter than everyone else. This could make him rather shallow and one-dimensional. However, he seems real and fleshed out. Perhaps it is his awkwardness around women that gives him that sense of humanity.

Copy editing is good throughout, but content editing could have been better. Someone should have caught, for example, that Farsi is spoken in Iran, not Afghanistan, that a fake mustache and tinted glasses would not fool modern facial recognition software, much less that 300 years in the future, and that either the current war in Afghanistan or WWII could be 300 years ago, but not both of them.”

Series: Earth 2.0 Trilogy (Book 1)
Global Library: Colonization Science Fiction, Science Fiction Adventures

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Earth 2.1: Regenesis (Earth 2.0 Trilogy Book 2) by William Crow Johnson

Exiled commando Major Alexander Khan must save not only a selected ten thousand from Earth’s destruction at the hands of the alien Kurg.

He must save his adopted planet from domination by power-mad Nathan Fox, dictator from Earth who allies himself with the genetically engineered Kurg to gain power over the new planet.

Khan gets help from his half-alien daughter and the Nephilim, the human-appearing alien race who created the Kurg—and who have circulated undetected among humans for tens of thousands of years, shaping our history.

After the devastating conflict, the remnant populations must learn to live together—ten million already on the former prison planet, the ten thousand refugees from Earth, the Nephilim, and the surviving but transformed Kurg—and form one people.

Review by D. Dobler. Fantastic! “An extremely well written book! The scene of “reconciliation”, my word, was a first for all of my years of reading (50 plus) outside of religious writings. Made me emotional to read such a terrific scene. I really couldn’t put the book down once I started. The plot lines, characters, bad guys, science, politics, everything was top notch. Great, great story!”

Review by Sci-Fi Guy. A swashbuckling sci-fi screenplay in book form! “A swashbuckling sci-fi screenplay in book form, Earth 2.1: Regenesis blasts off from the launchpad built in Earth 2.0: Prison Planet. The story is new, the scenery extended, and the villains are diabolical. An inspirational tale in times with too few, Johnson’s characters marshal courage, mercy, and love to triumph.”

Series: Earth 2.0 Trilogy (Book 2)
Global Library: Colonization Science Fiction

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EARTH 2.2: RITE OF PASSAGE (Earth 2.0 Trilogy Book 3)
by William Crow Johnson

What if your Artificial Intelligences escaped?

What if they started changing host machine(s) on their own?

What if they suddenly started deciding on their own to do things?

What if they took control of all the robots on your planet?

What if alien AI from the stars corrupted your AIs and made them see humans as—at best—hosts?

At worst, a contaminating influence? And what if the leaders who normally handle crises were absent?

The second generation of free Arcadians—young born-there adults on the planetary refuge of the last twelve million humans—must solve this problem.

Review by Amazon Customer. “Enjoyed all 3 books”.

Series: Earth 2.0 Trilogy (Book 3)
Genre:Colonization Science Fiction, Science Fiction Adventures

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About William Crow Johnson: William Crow Johnson started professional life with a few years as an English and German teacher.

He then got a Finance MBA and spent most of the next thirty years as a middle manager at a Fortune 500.

Through it all he has been devoted to the writer’s craft. He and his wife now live on their farm in southern Indiana, where he is always working on his next book.

(William Crow Johnson is a pseudonym for William Brian Johnson. There are so many out there.)

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