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5 Star Review: If you enjoy Dragons and Mythical Creatures (Sword and Sorcery) this fantasy should be your next read. This story is complex and well told. There are flesh eating water creatures, bullheaded beasts, unfavorable tress, a serpent gem, and winged sycophants.

The main character is Cedric Abram Ackerman, a man whom inherited the responsibility to protect his father’s supranational realm, and only time will tell if this young man can shoulder the responsibility given that his personality and logic is different from his fathers.

Let me bring you into Chapter Sixteen-The Forbidden Tree. “Cedric had always loved nature ever since he was a little boy. Living in the city he never saw the beauty that nature had to offer until his family moved, and even then Cedric mainly only acquired a knowing of wide open fields. Nonetheless, he had an emphatic appreciation for simple fragments of earth’s own production. Upon being in the Weald of the Feral, he could not cease his amazement. The unique flowers he stepped over, the odd patterns embedded into the stones and grass, the glistening lake they walked beside that reflected the shimmering stars…

Cedric had simply never felt so inconceivably entranced in all of his life. He couldn’t comprehend how there was a chance he could plausibly be murdered here. Of course, he took to thought what Damien had said. He knew the Weald was deceptive, albeit there was a hovering opposition in the back of his mind. He shouldn’t doubt what Damien said because he knew far more about these predicaments than Cedric, but he could not abolish the feeling. Perhaps it correlated with the deception. Cedric did not-

“Get away from there!” Gregory warned when the inattentive man was suddenly yanked from his position. Cedric stumbled away from the edge of the lake and stopped before he tripped to the ground. Before he knew what was happening Cedric, Amadi, Hugo and Damien had moved as far away from the glimmering lake as possible, and Gregory remained near the waters with his sword drawn. Everyone stayed silent as Gregory scanned the lake. He dipped his sword into the water and held it there for several seconds. Shaking his head at Damien, he retreated the sword and joined the group.

“Go ahead and damn it all, Cedric,” Gregory sighed as he slipped the weapon into its holster. “You need to be more careful. I’ve seen too many a man fall prey to the whisper of a topielec.”

“Excuse me? A what?” Cedric asked befuddled while trying to compose himself from the surprise.

“A topielec’s whisper – very inconvenient.”

“I didn’t… I didn’t hear anything. I was just…” Cedric tried to justify because he hadn’t heard a single noise other than wind coursing through the trees and the waterfall several feet away.

“You don’t literally hear them,” Gregory snorted as if that were totally obvious. “But they are present and rather persistent as they tend to lure weak young men – no offense to you. You almost fell into their waters.””

Many new experiences and dangers await Cedric and I will leave it up to you to discover who or what the “Shebet” is.

Author River Zedekiah began writing this book in high school and has continued writing while gaining further education and serving her community in Charleston, South Carolina. This is book one in her Shebet Trilogy and we look forward to book two.

Book Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Series: The Shebet Trilogy (Book 1
Paperback: 354 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (February 28, 2019)
Genre: Dragons & Mythical Creatures Fantasy. Sword & Sorcery Fantasy (Books)

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