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My Mom Hates Gum by Penny Beevor

Claire’s Mom hates gum! She absolutely, positively hates it! When Claire comes home with gum, given to her by her friend, Betty, Mom is not having any of it! She takes it away from Claire….but what happens to it?

Hmmm how curious when Claire sees her Mom outside with a huge bubble above her head! What happens next, is simply a mess. Claire soon learns exactly why her Mom Hates Gum!

5.0 out of 5 Stars
Delightful, clever story
By Ernesto Patino on April 17, 2018
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
“Absolutely loved this book. Who could imagine that chewing gum could lead to so much trouble? Overall, a fun, funny book that will appeal to early readers and their parents.”

5.0 out of 5 Stars
Or is it simply just a sweet funny book full of rhymes that has no care
By Mary Joslin on January 14, 2018
Format: Paperback
“What a darling story. Is it a Beware tale about the danger of getting gum stuck in your hair? Or is it simply just a sweet funny book full of rhymes that has no care? Well to answer those questions read it to your little one and not only will they learn a valuable life lesson about gum. They will also have a lot of fun!”

Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (December 15, 2017)
Genre: Children

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About The Author: Author Penny Beevor is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

She has been an E.C.E. teacher for eighteen years. Penny teaches preschool at St. Ann Catholic School. She has several story ideas just waiting to be published.

She especially enjoys writing stories that interest young children and creating her own characters.

My Mom Hates Gum! is Penny’s third published book. In her spare time, Penny enjoys hiking, swimming, reading and camping.

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