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Finding Joy: Overcoming Your Deepest Valleys In Life by Pastor Jim Bender

Life is a journey and sometimes that journey can be rough.

The devastation’s of life can throw you into a valley of weeping that you can’t get out of.

“Finding Joy” will help you find your way out of the valley and help you find joy along the way.

“Finding Joy” also shares the personal story of a premature baby whose fight to survive will inspire you and lift your spirits high as you read each page.

Jim also shares a few of his deepest valleys throughout his life and how he found joy even in the midst of his deepest valleys.

Find hope, find healing, find purpose and find joy as you read “Finding Joy” from cover to cover.

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About The Author: Jim is a Pastor at The Edge Church in Camp Hill, PA. He has a passion to see hurting people healed and return to a joy filled life. He is married with two children and is a sports and music nut.

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