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Poetry Pharmacy: What an Insane Road To Sanity by Ndaba Sibanda

It is an intriguing work of art that captures the value of characters through dialogue and internal soliloquy.

These are rare poems that will strike a reader with thunderstorms of imagery and haunt one with arresting voices that bicker like the rains from the heavens—that croon and cascade into one`s ears, heart and one`s very soul.

Welcome to the first poetry pharmacy in the world.

For your prescriptions there is an array of effective therapies, lullabies and seasonings.

“This is a wonderful collection of rich, lush poems to be enjoyed around the world.” Maia Kumari Gilman, author and architect.

Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (June 4, 2019)
Genre: Poetry

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About The Author: Author Ndaba Sibanda was a 2005 National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) nominee. He compiled and edited Its Time (2006), and Free Fall (2017). The recipient of a Starry Night ART School scholarship in 2015, Sibanda is the author of Love O’clock, The Dead Must Be Sobbing, Of the Saliva and the Tongue, Cutting-edge cache: Unsympathetic Untruth and Football of Fools. His work is featured in The New Shoots Anthology, The Van Gogh Anthology edited by Catfish McDaris and Dr. Marc Pietrzykowski, Eternal Snow, A Worldwide Anthology of One Hundred Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma Press, Seeing Beyond the Surface Volume II and Anthology House. Sibanda`s forthcoming book, When Inspiration Sings In Silence is set to be published by United pc. Some of Ndaba`s works are found or forthcoming in Piker Press, SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, Hawaii Pacific Review and Page & Spine.

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