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The Fauxibilities Series: Tweetlit by Natzee AB

Grimmer than Grim?
Fable-ier than Aesop’s?
Goosier than Goosebumps?
Freakier than Twilight Zone?

Feast on a Story Buffet of Inventive Confections.  All in Short, Rapturous Bites.

Product Details:
Paperback: 354 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (July 20, 2019)
Language: English
Global Library: Fiction Short Story (Single Books) and Collections
Global Library: Fiction (Horror Short Story (Single Books) and Collections)

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About The Author: A Man of Fauxibilities: by Natzee AB. Natzee AB is a freshly sprouted Yarn Weaver from the Philippines. His writing mojo was engineered by God and juiced up by years of crafting ad copy and dabbling in screenplays. The latter earned him a finals berth in the Manila Hollywood Pitchmart contest. He credits God, the Greatest Storyteller of all, long followed by Vonnegut, King and Murakami, among others for launching his Fauxible Adventures. He is happily married to his Chummie Cloude and Numero Uno fan and critic of 25 years, Therese Bridget Angeles. He is laying the groundwork for his first big fauxibility (nee novel) while continuing his hunt for a hip lit broker. Above all, he is devoted husband to his convalescent spouse who suffered a mild stroke.

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