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What Should We Crave? by Mr. Ben

Man has long craved for essence.

He has devised means of attaining it. Money, education, sense of belonging, power and sexuality are elements man has indefatigably worked out to be his cravings. However, have they fulfilled what should be craved?

What Should We Crave? is a Christian inspirational that sheds light on the pitfalls associated with man’s figured ways to live the life he desires. It explores with historical and true-life stories the consequences that come with the trivialities—man’s figured out elements. It asserts how transient they are and in the long run, more-harm-than- good situations being engendered in the lives of people.

The material proffers the Christian viewpoint as what should be craved for…in life.

Product Details:
Paperback: 140 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (May 12, 2020)
Language: English
Global Library: Inspiration and Spirituality

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Maya Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny by Mr. Ben

Maya: Initiate 39 is an adult work-piece that explores the ordeals of Maya Isaacs. An over-protected single child, a victim of a broken home, Maya was raised single-handedly by a man whom she knew as her father, Samuel. He had divorced his wife, Cynthia, years ago on grounds of infidelity before Maya turned three years old.  Growing up in Durban was a heady mixture of good, bad and ugly for Maya.

Through the influence of wrong peers, Maya went into the underworld endeavors of stealing, drug trafficking and prostitution, under the cover of a very perverse juvenile assembly, called the Alternative Lifestyle Club (The ALC). She joined the club in the pursuit of what she called her “destiny” and became popular among many top-notch Southern Africans.

After several disappointments, Maya thought she could use her connections to bite the fingers that fed her, by carrying out the assignments given her own way – a way of letting the organization know that she was no push-over. But that was not the case!  Consequently, Craig and Ms. Diana, the active players of the club, led this juvenile to her doom. They set her up and the police did the rest. The long arm of the law landed her in prison in Johannesburg. It was while she was in the prison that she realized that changing for the better would be the only way to save herself.

Through a favor from Van Brussels, a rich gold merchant, school owner and chairperson of the Louisville Shipping Company, against whom she had committed a crime in the past, Maya was released from prison before the stipulated sentence was up. She was sent to the United States for secretarial studies, worked for Van Brussels’ company for a couple of years, and then returned to her native Durban home in South Africa with her husband, Daniel Young, to find her father, whom she had left years before.

Review by Alex Andy Phuong (A Heroine for the Modern Age): “As of 2019, more films and literary works focus on feminism and women. Subject to subjugation in the past, more people are honoring women rather than dehumanizing them. Because of such compelling portraits of women that focus on empowerment, more women are earning praise. That means that heroines like Maya in Maya Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny is a great example of how stories about women can inspire all people, and not just women.

Throughout this beautifully written work, Maya struggles to define herself as both a woman and as a person. Individualism really is an important theme because a man named “Samuel” claims to be Maya’s “father” even though it is unclear about the true identity of her biological dad. Living in Durban proves to be challenging for Maya, and her story involves a lot of turmoil as she struggles to survive.

Without giving away spoilers, Maya is a prime example of a woman trying to live a meaningful life while also trying to find her place in the world. She definitely encounters very “colorful” characters (pun intended), and life is hard for her because of her African identity. Maya Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny is essentially a Bildungsroman about a woman yearning to live while learning how to survive in spite of the racism and sexism that attempt to destroy her.

Because of the fundamental fact that misogyny has been a major problem throughout history, it is nice to know that women in both the fictional and the real world are earning respect rather than ridicule. Reading Maya Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny will hopefully inspire people to honor women instead of hurt them. Therefore, heroines really are more than just female heroes.”

Rags To Riches In Durban: Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2017. “Mr. Ben’s Maya Initiate 39 is a detailed account of an innocent only-child stepping out into a dangerous world. School lessons, schoolmates’ names and varied backgrounds in Durban, South Africa, all are carefully laid out. But Maya doesn’t know her mother, and the hole in her background drives her to trust the wrong people, mistrust the right, and enter an underworld of sexual assault, violent death, drugs and theft. Luckily there’s a road back to the light. Forgiveness and healing can be found. And complex philosophy has a redemptive point in this novel.

A riches to rags to riches story, with action-movie undertones and careful explanation and detail, Maya Initiate 39 never quite answers its titular question, but it raises hope for those whose wrong choices have led to wrong destinations. It’s an intriguing tale with fascinating insights into different lives. Disclosure: I got it on a deal and I offer my honest review.”

Review by Richard Lang. “Maya Isaacs was being raised by Samuel, the man that married and divorced her mother. When Maya tried to discover her milieu from Samuel, she wasn’t satisfied with his tale. She sought to find her destiny by joining a youth group called the Alternative Lifestyle Group (ALG). The group got her involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, and thievery. Maya decided to steal money from an ALG drug sale, but was busted by the police and sent to prison. There she was ameliorated by a group of inmates and befriended by Van Brussels, a man she nearly killed earlier on. Released from prison early, she was educated as a secretary and given a job in Brussels’ company. It was there she fell in love with Brussels’ adopted son. Her transformation was inspirational.”

Review by Ella: “Sometimes life doesn’t give you a fair hand. You might not have all the same things as those around you. That is the case for Maya. Growing up with only her father raising her she was easy to brainwash into thinking she what she was being trained to do was for her and finding her destiny. After doing many things she would regret she realized that what she was doing was wrong and wanted to make a change. This is a story that show even when you chose the wrong path in life. Things can always get better, as long as you stop going down the destructive path.”

Review by Christy K. Cagle: “Maya has not had the best life. She made mistakes and had many regrets; however, she makes a change. She changes her course in life and things start looking up. This is a book that will put life back into perspective. You’ll learn it’s never too late to do better; to achieve more. Mr. Ben does a great job of pulling his readers in to his character’s world. Great job, Mr. Ben. I look forward to more from you.”

Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (February 23, 2019)
Global Library: Dramas & Plays

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About The Author: Author Mr. Ben was born in Nigeria and now lives in Lagos. He studied Science and Laboratory Technology and Mechanical Engineering in university. He has been writing since 2006 and has authored several books. He has won numerous writing contests and competitions. He also does voice-overs. He is a poet and writes thought-provoking books on Christianity, Marriage and other topics. It is his goal to bring humanity to a stance of practical understanding of appreciating the entirety of its existence by recognizing subtle, demystified and easy-to-relate-with philosophies (the true light of mankind) that transcend ‘threshold’ notions about living using the mechanism of creative writing. His hobbies include playing and watching football, listening to quality musical genres, talking sensibly, reading and writing, traveling, communicating, watching epic, classical, and action-packed modern movies.

More About Mr. Ben: Following the words of the great Greek philosopher, Socrates, ‘Employ your time by improving with other men’s writings so that you can gain easily what others labored hard for’, Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called, is poised to impact humanity in all spheres of life and human recognition. With his knowledge zenith, he is willing to disseminate valued and ageless information to all interested persons, groups and organizations-what he toiled to gain over the years.

To depict this feat, he has written over twenty breath-taking masterpieces that cut across almost very literary category to help improve the cause, shape and existence of humanity; sexuality, business anecdotes, science, home affairs, marriage, relationships, friendship, self-help, gender issues, life matters, motivational and inspirational interests, educational/academic matters and many more…He is still counting! To his credit, he has written over forty timeless articles on the various literary categories; showcased on,,, and other affiliate sites.

His amazing writing skills, novel concepts, creative works and avid reading and communication skills have earned him a recognized membership with the following international affiliations;,, and other known writers’ organizations. No doubt, he is not only a writer with a difference but also an entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist whose slogan reads ‘service to God and humanity are paramount’.

Though, based in Lagos, Nigeria, the internationally published and represented author, speaker, poet, writer and voice-over artiste enjoys reading edifying books, traveling and meeting people.

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