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Gumbo the Bayou Dog by Jeanni Thrasher

Gumbo the bayou dog lives in South Louisiana with Mom, Dad, and baby Lily Anna. He likes to hunt with Dad. He also likes to howl at the moon.

He is a true bayou dog.

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Stephanie Browne (Illustrator)
Paperback: 26 Pages
Grandma’s Book Club: Dog Books

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Surfing, Dancing Seeds of Glory by Jeanni Thrasher

Every seed is a good and perfect gift from Above. There are thousands of little seeds born each day. Though they are all different, each has something special: HOPE!

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Paperback: 28 Pages
Grandma’s Book Club: Christian Early Readers (Fiction)

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About Jeanni Thrasher: Jeanni “Gigi” Thrasher lives in Moss Point, MS with her husband Dale and their two dogs, Annie and Isabella. With four grown children and nine grandchildren, the author enjoys family time and the simple country life.

Born in Alexandria, LA to John and Gloria Ritchie, Jeanni and her little sister enjoyed an idyllic childhood rooted in church and community. By her teenage years, though, Jeanni’s life had taken a darker turn as she stood at the crossroads of faith and free will. It was a point that would often intersect, even into adulthood, until she reached a point where she completely surrendered her life to the Lord.

It is now her mission, through her writing and her ministry, to help others reach that point where they develop a faith that will not fade.

Jeanni Thrasher is a Christian author and motivational speaker. After teaching for 20 years, she joined her husband Dale in full-time ministry in 2014. Read about Jeanni’s daily journey in her blog, Her mission is to help others find a faith that will not fade, no matter what the circumstances.

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