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Super Power Girl by Janet Faulkner

June enjoys hanging out with her friends and having fun. But, when someone is mean to someone else, she turns into SUPER POWER GIRL! 

June doesn’t like bullies and so she helps out those who are in need.

Paperback: 30 Pages
Grandma’s Book Club: Friendship Books

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About The Author: Author Janet Faulkner was Born in Binghamton, NY. At age 6, she moved to Rochester, MN, as her Dad was transferred for work. With the help of two of her friends, she learned how to read. She started taking piano lessons in Minnesota. She studied piano throughout High School. In college, Janet majored in piano with a minor degree in Elementary Education. She always liked being read to by her dad, whenever she was sick. There are other writers in her family, so when she started writing, it came naturally to her. She has been a substitute teacher in schools for quite a few years.


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