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The Secret Note by J. J. Jackson

Three fifteen-year-old high school girls; Miranda, Pippen and Sophia discovered in their sophomore year that some people are passing yellow and white notes to one another. The girls could not figure out what the notes contained and wondered if they would ever know.

The girls made it their mission in to find out what the Secret Note contains before time runs out and school is over for the year. It wasn’t going to be easy, because they didn’t belong to the inner circle of high school students.

Miranda, Pippen and Sophia had to use all of their investigative skills to solve the mystery of The Secret Note.

Product Details:
Paperback: 109 Pages
Grandma’s Book Club: Fiction (Teen, Young Adult Girls and Women)

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About The Author: Author M. J. Foreman (writing as J. J. Jackson) was raised in the military and every few years, if not every year, they were moving on to another adventure. It began when she was very young. Mary learned about different people and their cultures, beliefs, ways of life and found that no matter what, we are all the same. We all like to go on adventures, discover new things and try new things out.

While in college, Mary discovered that she loved to write and began to put her thoughts and ideas on paper. She began her new adventure 10 years ago and hasn’t stopped writing yet. She discovered that she could write children’s books because everyone likes a new adventure and to go places, they have never gone before. Mary carries a journal with her everywhere. She has no idea where she will be when thoughts of a new story will pop into her head.

Out of nowhere, her thoughts just run wild and there is no better place to put down your thoughts than in a journal. “I will be writing for a very long time because a thought or a new story will come to me almost every day. I know as long as there is pen and paper, I will keep on continuing my new adventures.

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