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Ferdy The Fish: The Fish That Could Not Swim:
Ferdy’s Wish Comes True by Don Levenson

Ferdy the Fish is the delightful tale of a fish without fins that is unable to swim like most fish in the sea. While his four legs restrict Ferdy to the ocean floor with the crustaceans, could this apparent disability actually be used to his advantage?

A story which celebrates difference, Ferdy the Fish teaches that friends can come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and that it is through harnessing individual uniqueness that we are best able to contribute to the community. Children, parents, and teachers are invited to enjoy the entire Ferdy the Fish collection.

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Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (February 15, 2020)

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About The Author: Author Don Levenson, a Philadelphia native, is a lifelong swimmer. His long-distance swim workouts provide him with the time and inspiration to develop stories about Ferdy, the fish that cannot swim. Although Ferdy lacks the ability to swim, this does not stop him from helping his sea creature friends and loving life in the ocean.

Each story in the series conveys an inspirational message, making the entire “Ferdy the Fish” collection enjoyable for parents and children alike. Every story ends with “This was a great day for Ferdy the Fish…The Fish that could not swim.

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