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Fishing: The Adventures Of Jayden and Poppy Book One by Desiree R. Craig

Jayden and Poppy love to go on exciting adventures together. Each new adventure creates memories and shares lessons. Poppy passes on skills that he learned as a boy and the two are making lasting memories along the way. In this first adventure, Poppy takes Jayden fishing.

Product Details:
Book 1 of 1: The Adventures of Jayden and Poppy
Paperback: ‎46 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (November 18, 2021)
Jacob Lawrence (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
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Message From Author: My name is Desiree, I have an adorable little boy, who joined my family in November, 2010. His name is Jayden. I have a dog, named storm, and does she still live up to it. I am a RN. I love hanging out with friends and meeting new people. I am married to the most amazing man. Life has been interesting, but everything is great. With my man by my side, we can conquer everything. Lives in Montgomery, Pennsylvania.

In each of the Jayden and Poppy adventures, Author Desiree Craig incorporates lessons learned in a fun environment, showing that a normally shy child can learn how awesome he can be if he just continues to try and doesn’t give up.

Her stories incorporate a little bit of hometown history and show that safety always come first, no matter how big or small the adventure might be.


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