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The Blueberry Balladeer by Andrew Frodahl

Darcy Pickens is spending the summer on her Aunt Fredah’s blueberry farm in Maine. When Darcy and her Aunt Fredah discover that a creature called a Willasoggle is freezing all the blueberries and eating them, they must find a way to stop the creature before all the crop is gone!

The Blueberry Balladeer by Andrew Frodahl is a whimsical adventure story about a young girl finding her voice and solving a big problem.

Product Details:
Hardcover: ‎54 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (July 9, 2021)
Teresa Amehana Garcia (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Aunts
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Blueberries

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The Octopus Who Wore Shoes by Andrew Frodahl

Coraline is an Octopus. She longs to walk on the beach with all of the people, but the sand is too HOT! Her friend mentions these things called ‘Shoes’ that the people wear. Coraline sets out to get some shoes for herself so that she too can enjoy the beach.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎56 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (October 12, 2020)
Teresa Amehana Garcia (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Marine Life
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Octopus

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About The Author: Andrew Frodahl’s passion for writing began at an early age. In the third grade he used his mother’s typewriter to write his first story. Throughout high school, Andrew traveled across the country with his family as a troupe of Puppeteers. He wrote puppet skits and routines for the productions. Since high school, Andrew has published fourteen stage plays including, Understanding Your Pet with Dr. Marla Brett, with Pioneer Drama. Chapter Seven Christmas and Christmas in Juneberry with Eldridge Publishing. Andrew produced stage plays include an adaptation of Margery Williams’s classic The Velveteen Rabbit, which in 2012 was chosen to be produced off Broadway at the first annual New York Children’s Theater Festival (NYCTF) in New York City. NYCTF is a play festival with board members /adjudicator’s including Thomas Schumacher of Disney Theatrical, Cheryl Henson of the Jim Henson foundation, and Carol Demas of the Magic Garden to name a few. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Kingsway University and a Certificate in Feature Film Writing from UCLA. Andrew lives in Maine with his wife Ashley and their three sons, Axel, Hans, and Finn.

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