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The DinoDimension by Alexander Saunders

The DinoDimension is a fantastic journey taken by a young couple who share a wonderful secret about an unknown universe that is filled with dinosaurs.

It soon becomes their job to stop an intergalactic war before it even begins.

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Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (December 17, 2019)
Global Library: Action & Adventure

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About The Author: Author Alexander Saunders was born in Portsmouth England and was brought and raised in Massachusetts United States of American.

He was diagnosed with autism when he was very young and writing this and many other books has not only helped me cope with it but got him through some hard times in his life.

Alexander always had a great love for dinosaurs. When he was a child, he believed, and still does to this day, that there is life on other planets including the ones in this solar system. This is why he enjoyed writing DinoDimension the most and why he hopes you enjoy reading this book as much as he enjoyed writing it.

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