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Pre-Release: August 2019
Book Title: Eternal Diet
Author: W. B. Wilson

Publisher: Pen It Publications

Back Cover Book Description: Gwen J’sarajen is a 20 something overweight researcher who longs to be thin. Dieting and working out just doesn’t cut it and even hypnosis doesn’t seem to work. Except, maybe it does. Hypnosis triggers dreams that count point to her solution.

Vampires are always depicted as sexy, gorgeous and, most importantly thin. They might be the answer to Gwen’s prayers. The lore sends her to New Orleans in search of a vampire to turn her into a sexy, gorgeous, thin female fatale.

Colin is a centuries old vampire in need of someone to update him to the 21st century. He agrees to turn in exchange for help in the computer age. There is a catch though…. Gwen learns sometimes what you want is not what you end up with.

An ancient evil is gathering forces in the city and soon Gwen has to learn to use her unique metabolism to advantage and Colin must battle an old enemy.

Author Wendy Wilson

Author Wendy Wilson was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. She left the flat-lands of Long Island for the mountains of Appalachia in the 80s. Wendy settled on a small farm and raised her children and a  variety of goats, sheep and pigs.

Wendy has worked in a library for most of her adult life and now, in retirement, she has turned her love of reading books into a love of writing them.

In December 2018 she won 2nd place in the online magazine ‘Beneath The Rainbow’s Christmas Contest’ with her short story ‘Wishes Can Come True’.

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