Flashes Of Fiction Anthologies by Molly Allman Smith

Flashes of Fiction: Volume 1 by M Allman

Five short stories for quick, fun reads. Each volume contains stories in various genres, so there is something for every reader.

Volume 1: Metro Dome-(sci-fi) In the future, families live domes to protect themselves for the scorching sun, but one man longs for the days when families lived in houses and the worlds seemed endless.

Viral Smiles-(humor) A young lady decides to put the theory to test that smiles are contagious with some humorous results.

Shannon Elizabeth Riley- (mystery) A little girl finally finds her way home after being lost for 30 years

Operation Onion- (sci-fi/speculative fiction) Samuel is born with a strange affliction that makes him emits different odors based on his moods and this makes people shy away from him. But, Samuel‘s mother says God has a plan for everyone, so does this mean Samuel will find his place in this world?

The Handbag- (sci-fi) Sara finds a handbag that seems to make money on cue, but all good things have a catch. Right?

Product Details:
Series Volume One
Print Length: 38 Pages
February 7, 2014
Genre: Dark Humor, Fiction Anthologies

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Flashes of Fiction: Volume 2 by M Allman

Stories Include:

  • Finder’s Weepers: Leonard gets caught up in his own web of lies.
  • Remain Calm: The insane never question their own sanity.
  • Punctilious: Being on time just may be a matter of life and death
  • Assailant: A strange increase in burglaries occur ahead of a warm front.
  • Laugh Like a Baby: A story of mixed up emotions–Literally!

Product Details:
Series Volume Two
Print Length: 37 Pages
May 31, 2014
Genre: Teen & Young Adult Short Reads, Fiction Anthologies

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Flashes of Fiction: Volume 3 by M. Allman

Grandma’s Scrapbook: Grandma’s bags are packed, and she is ready for a death vacation.

Destination…3009: Jim finished building his time machine, and he’s ready to see what advances the future has to offer, but he is stunned by what he doesn’t find.

My Friend, Clarence: Jeremy knows intimate details about the murders of several young girls. He claims his friend, Clarence, is the perp. The only problem–Clarence is Jeremy’s imaginary friend

The Weed Whisperer: Simon is a gardening guru. Weeds never dare to grow in his garden or flowerbeds, but Simon learns that weeds will attack if provoked.

One Man’s Trash: Sometimes a good deal isn’t always what it seems.

Product Details:
Series Volume Three
Print Length: 33 Pages
August 10, 2014
Genre: Fiction Anthologies

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Flashes of Fiction: Volume 4 by M Allman

5 Short Stories:

  • Murder of the Future: Artificial intelligence has evolved, and Henry is on trial for the murder of an
  • AI.
  • Yesterday’s Children: Richard discovers he’s only as old as he feels.
  • Azure:Dr. Stanton and Dr. Kline’s patient seems crazy, until he leaves the hospital in a
  • beam of light
  • Inside His Mind: A wife is given the opportunity to go inside her husband’s mind and do some rewiring.
  • Reflections of the Past: Tina’s parents were killed in a house fire, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing her special day.

Product Details:
Series Volume Four
Print Length: 21 Pages
January 30, 2015
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads, Teen & Young Adult Short Reads, Humorous Science Fiction (Books)

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Flashes of Fiction: Volume 5 by M Allman

Five more sci-fi, spec-fic stories:

Existence- Dr. Pence sees his patients every day, but is he the only one?

The Stalker-Emily’s stalker is not your ordinary psycho.

Time- Does fate control our lives, or do we have some control?

Come Back, Doug- Doug gets lost in dry desert for alcoholics only

Deja Vu- Alicia learns it’s not so much what you wish for, but how you word it.

Product Details:
Series Volume Five
Print Length: 28 Pages
July 13, 2015
Genre: Teen & Young Adult Short Reads, Fiction Anthologies

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About The Author: Author Molly Allman-Smith lives in rural Indiana where she works as a freelance writer and author.

While she mainly dabbles in the science fiction, mystery and horror genres, she has also been known to write the occasional quirky greeting card verse and some questionable poetry.

Learn more about current and upcoming writing projects as well as book release dates

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