Children’s Books by Molly Allman Smith

The Sofa Monster by Molly Allman Smith

Sammy wasn’t the bravest seven-year-old.

In fact, he still slept with a nightlight on and a teddy bear.

But, even his parents wouldn’t believe that there was a Sofa Monster.

The Sofa Monster is made of a hodge-podge of things that he had lost in the cushions of the sofa.

What does it want from him?

What will he do?

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Paperback: 50 Pages
November 6, 2018
Genre: Children’s Spine-Chilling Horror

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Mermaid’s Kiss by M Allman

Thomas reads a legendary tale about a kiss from a mermaid healing the sick. His grandpa is deathly ill, and Thomas must find a real mermaid to kiss him. Will he find a mermaid? Is the legend true?

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Print Length: 22 Pages
April 27, 2014
Genre: Children’s Folk Tales & Myths, Children’s Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

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The Peanut Buttor Tweatment by M Allman

The Hairingtons are creatures made up of hair and live in places such as Creviceville and Dusty Corners. In this first book of the series, Bub gets himself into a sticky situation because of his love for Grammy’s homemade gumballs.

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Grade Level: 1 – 2
Paperback: 32 Pages
August 10, 2011
Genre: Children’s Humor

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About The Author: Author Molly Allman-Smith lives in rural Indiana where she works as a freelance writer and author.

While she mainly dabbles in the science fiction, mystery and horror genres, she has also been known to write the occasional quirky greeting card verse and some questionable poetry.

Learn more about current and upcoming writing projects as well as book release dates

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