Ally Ally Oxen Free (Horror Anthology) by Molly Allman Smith

Ally Ally Oxen Free by M Allman

Tom is fascinated with bones, human bones. He wants to study them and gets his chance when Mr. Dukes allows him to dig in the vacant lot behind his store. What Tom unearths makes the neighborhood kids tremble with fear.

“Ally ally oxen free!” These four little words can bring anyone out of hiding.

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Print Length: 24 Pages
August 28, 2011
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads, Horror Short Stories, Horror Anthologies

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About The Author: Author Molly Allman-Smith lives in rural Indiana where she works as a freelance writer and author.

While she mainly dabbles in the science fiction, mystery and horror genres, she has also been known to write the occasional quirky greeting card verse and some questionable poetry.

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