The Amazing Adventures of Kid and Sweets (Children’s Book Two) by Mark Alan Long

The Amazing Adventures of Kid and Sweets: The City by Mark Alan Long

In this amazing adventure, Kid & Sweets have their eyes set on experiencing all the exciting things “The City” has to offer… from A to Z. 

The two best pals are not disappointed, as they romp from one fun-filled activity to another.

At long last, Kid & Sweets finally achieve the total experience and are left exhausted and thirsty. Finding relief at a spurting fire hydrant, our two friends are ready to call it a day and head back home… but wait!  

What is that thunderous voice calling out to them? And, what in the world is that huge beastly thing lumbering directly towards them?

Kid & Sweets can only fear the worst as they huddle together with their eyes tightly closed…

Look for Book Three in the series and follow Kid & Sweets to “The Park” where they encounter an unusual looking quirky duck named Beauregard, in yet another amazing adventure!

Product Details:
Series: The Amazing Adventures of Kid and Sweets (Book 2)
Paperback: 32 Pages
April 20, 2019
Genre: Children’s Books, Action, Adventure

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About The Author: Author Mark Alan Long currently resides in Crown Point, Indiana although just like Kid & Sweets he has an adventurous spirit which has taken him on many exciting journeys throughout the decades.

He has two married sons and one adorable granddaughter. The Amazing Adventures of Kid & Sweets series has been a labor of love for several years, as the author’s passion for writing evolved later in life after a career as a construction accountant.

A similar passion as a hospice volunteer and elderly caregiver fill the author’s days when he is not busy creating new amazing adventures for Kid & Sweets. Written for K-3 children, this series of children’s picture books aims to place particular emphasis on the importance of friendship, diversity and acceptance by creating a passion for seeking adventure through the eyes and minds of our own amazing children.

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