The Amazing Adventures Of Kid and Sweets (Children’s Book One) by Mark Alan Long

The Amazing Adventures Of Kid and Sweets: The Hero by Mark Alan Long

Although Kid did not have any real friends, his vivid imagination provided him new make-believe pals every day.

That all changed one particular day when Kid discovered a frightened, three-legged kitten, who had been abandoned in a big brown barrel.

Always the hero in his daily fantasy adventures, Kid is called upon to be a hero in real life.

With his new best pal Sweets, they embrace each day contemplating amazing adventures together.

Look for Book Two in the series and follow Kid & Sweets to “The City” where they encounter a most unusual character named Tiny, in a fun-filled exciting, and yes… amazing adventure!

Product Details:
Series: The Amazing Adventures of Kid and Sweets (Book 1)
Paperback: 32 Pages
Genre: Children’s Books, Action, Adventure

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About The Author: Author Mark Alan Long currently resides in Crown Point, Indiana although just like Kid & Sweets he has an adventurous spirit which has taken him on many exciting journeys throughout the decades.

He has two married sons and one adorable granddaughter. The Amazing Adventures of Kid & Sweets series has been a labor of love for several years, as the author’s passion for writing evolved later in life after a career as a construction accountant.

A similar passion as a hospice volunteer and elderly caregiver fill the author’s days when he is not busy creating new amazing adventures for Kid & Sweets. Written for K-3 children, this series of children’s picture books aims to place particular emphasis on the importance of friendship, diversity and acceptance by creating a passion for seeking adventure through the eyes and minds of our own amazing children.

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