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  • We create an ‘Author’s Page’ for you. We do all the work, leaving you more time to write.
  • You receive homepage exposure (authors are listed on homepage and on the top of all main pages)!
  • We provide ongoing promotion for all our authors, as we invite readers to your Author’s Page!
  • You can add books to your page at any time.
  • Your ‘Author’s Page’ will be active year-round and we work to build a readership for your page.
  • Follow your ‘Reader/Visitor Count’ on the top left-hand side of your ‘Author’s Page’.
  • Your book(s) will be listed in our ‘Global Library’ (for adult readers).
  • Your children’s book(s) will be listed in our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (for young readers).
  • Some of our authors report using their ‘Author’s Page’ for a website (giving them more time to write).
  • We accept all book and all genres (from all publishers) through our Author Membership Program.

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