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The Long Tradition by Joanne Winnie

Tim had rushed home from school everyday since Grandpa telephoned last Sunday.

He told Tim the biggest birthday present ever had been mailed last week. . . . . . .

Mr. Smith’s mail truck pulls to a stop. . . “. . . it’s here!” Shouted Tim as he tore down the driveway . . . .

Tim closed his bedroom door. He didn’t want Mother to see him cry. . . .

This sure is the tiniest present he ever got from Grandpa sniffles Tim.

What did Grandpa mean the biggest present ever?

Come and discover with Tim what Grandpa really meant.

The students and teachers commented on this story: It is a real story says one student. Fun story to teach science facts says a fellow teacher.

Genre: Children’s Book

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About The Author: Joanne Winnie, a retired Elementary teacher was born in Minnesota, and lives in Oklahoma now.

She has spent a lifetime teaching and seeking out ways to help children to improve their reading skills. Out of this quest, came the books written by her.

Her first book, Alphabet Safari of East Africa was on learning the alphabet and beginning sounds. The second book, Helen Hyena, The Sound Changer came out of her experience of tutoring third graders. Helen Hyena The Sound Changer is overflowing with sentences made of alliterations. Plus, explains how the digraphs ch, sh, ph, th, and wh are created.

Her third book, The Long Tradition, comes out of my experience of growing up with the Horse Chestnut Tree in my back yard. It is a science realistic fiction story.

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