One Hot January: January Trilogy Book Two (Science Fiction, Alternate Reality Romance) by J. Conrad Guest

Imagine an alternate history in which the United States fails to enter World War II in time to help the Allies defeat the Tripartite before Germany becomes too strong to defeat. A future in which Germany perfects genetic engineering and is eradicating whole nations in an effort to secure the empire Hitler vowed would last a thousand years; a future in which Hitler lies in a secret cryogenic chamber, awaiting treatment for a cancer for which a cure has finally been discovered. Imagine a future in which a faction of genetically engineered people, opposed to Hitler’s tyranny, choose to travel back in time to amend future history by influencing Winston Churchill to withhold from U.S. Intelligence the vital decrypt specifying the date and time of the raid on Pearl Harbor. Imagine a fast-talking private investigator from the Bronx named Joe January who uncovers a seemingly impossible plot by grudgingly agreeing to help a pretty young woman locate her missing father—a Professor of Archaeology from Columbia College who must prevent the secret of Hitler’s location from falling into the wrong hands…

By the end of One Hot January, January is transported into the future where in the sequel, January’s Thaw, he must survive by his century-old sagacity in our modern world.

Reviews: “Joe January is a private investigator operating in the South Bronx in the 1940s. He writes in first person, has a wry sense of humor and keen observation skills, and, somehow, he’s looking back on history from a future we haven’t yet seen. Could Joe January still be alive and reviewing his past in 2082?

“Dialog’s so pitch-perfect I imagine watching a black-and-white movie, hearing words in my head. The combination of Bogie, WWII and time-travel is truly beguiling, and, while this novel’s clearly complete in itself, I’ll certainly look forward to reading the sequel when it comes out.” Reviewer: Sheila Deeth-Author of Divide by Zero

“He may be Bogart-cool and clever, sharp-tongued and fedoraed—but underneath the veneer Joe January reveals himself both in his vulnerability and the most ageless adventure of all: a journey of the heart.” Reviewer: Rachael Perry-Author of How to Fly

Excerpt: Later that night Lance saw Melissa home, via cab. The decorated war hero and gentleman nonpareil no doubt sealed their business venture with a handshake, not a kiss. The kiss, he would anticipate, would come later.

I was mildly disappointed to find that the mole on Ginger’s breast had no twin elsewhere; but the consolation her many other gifts provided helped to ease my disappointment. Still, I found Ginger to be a taker and not a giver, and so what pleasure I gained was the result of my own giving, which she was only too eager to take.

While Lindy, who drove home alone, was robbed of any chance to give, and therefore gained neither pleasure let alone solace from the image of where and with whom I had lain.

Over the decades since that night, I’ve tormented myself over the fact that Lindy had suffered her disappointment alone, perhaps the previously unrecollected melody, I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You, echoing unsympathetically through her fading consciousness, her pillow taking the tears she could not help but give.

Tomorrow is forever. I should’ve held on for one more night.

Ah, so many regrets. What’s one more?

Product Details:
Series: Joe January Trilogy Book 2
Print Length: 249 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Alternate Reality, Romance, Time Travel Fiction



Message from Author J. Conrad Guest:

“Welcome. If you’re reading these words, you have my thanks for finding me. A critic calls my work, “Gritty, entertaining… real. Romance for the non-romantic.”

Genre? What’s that? My characters face everyday obstacles: love (finding it), loss of love (ouch!), regret (who doesn’t have a few of those?), infidelity (from love to hate to compromise), death (the Grim Reaper recently visited me in a dream to tell me he was coming for me. “Great,” my dream self said. “You bring the whiskey and I’ll provide the cigars”), redemption (that transformation from the anti-hero the reader wants to like into the hero for whom they want to root), and more. I write about relationships between men and woman, and fathers and sons. Yet each character, although flawed and in some cases broken, is in their own way extraordinary. I write mainstream, non-traditional romance (Fabio will never grace the cover of one of my novels), and soft science fiction. I hope you’ll find here something that appeals to your literary appetite.

I was named Joseph Conrad for my dad’s favorite novelist.

As a boy my dream was to become a Major League Baseball player, but my parents had other ideas. They urged me to play it safe, to learn a trade, get a job with an automotive company, and retire in forty years with a gold watch. To me that was a prison sentence. I didn’t want to reach my current age wondering, What if?

I was creative and wanted to leave my mark on the world. How to go about achieving that dream perplexed me for many years, until I sat down to write my first novel. January’s Paradigm was born from a bloodied and bruised heart. What started as therapy for me turned into a passion. My dad often criticized me for not finishing what I started, and I was determined to finish a novel. When Dad read my second draft, after two years of labor, he was pleased.

While I geared up for submitting my child to agents and publishers I struggled for a name. A nom de plume was out of the question. I wanted to use “Conrad” but didn’t wish to be compared to the man who today is considered one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. I finally settled on J. Conrad Guest and have never regretted it.

My novels are available in brick and mortar bookstores and at Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.”

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