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Testimony from Jay Dubya (John Wiessner) on March 14, 2019

My recently developed author’s page at Book Marketing Global Network (and its affiliated websites) has been quite professionally and creatively prepared, and I’m sure that it will be visited by book lovers many times in the future as your various websites grow from small acorns into mighty oaks.

I’m delighted to get-in on the ground floor before your myriad website-publicity elevators zoom upward. Thank you very much for putting together a most admirable and attractive Jay Dubya author webpage.

With over 59 book titles, here are just a few group headings on my Author’s Page:

  • Adult Action Adventure Trilogy
  • Adult Satire
  • Baker’s Dozen
  • Mythology/ Short Story Fiction
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Novellas
  • Prime-Time Crime Time
  • Satire/Parodies (Adult)
  • Science Fiction, Time Travel and Utterly Fantastic Occurrences
  • Short Stories/Parodies (Adult)
  • Short Stories/Science Fiction
  • So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher
  • The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House
  • The FBI Inspector
  • The Psychic Dimension, Part II
  • YA Fantasy Trilogy

Author’s Page On Book Marketing Global Network


Testimony from Robert J Saniscalchi on February 23, 2019

My books and promotion with the Book Marketing Global Network.

I must say as a published author, I am amazed at the variety of sites and links that I received for my books when I came on board with Theodocia and her new Book Marketing Global Network.

Everything has been done professionally, and within a very reasonable budget.

I look forward to more promotional projects in the future.

Highly recommended!

War & Military Action Thrillers by Robert J Saniscalci

  • My Life For Her: Enhanced Edition
  • Freedom’s Light
  • Bullets and Bandages

Author’s Page On Book Marketing Global Network


Testimony from Arleen Alleman on February 8, 2019

Fabulous Book Promotions

I could not be more thrilled with BMGN and Theodocia’s efforts on behalf of my series of novels and my children’s book.

So much work goes into her promotions on a myriad of sites, it is amazing.

Thank you, Theodocia

Arleen Alleman

Books by Arleen Alleman
Sometimes Naughty-Always Loved: Mary and Her Big Cat Brain
Currents Deep and Deadly: Darcy Farthing Adventure Book One
Currents Of Vengeance: Darcy Farthing Adventure Book
Current Assets: Darcy Farthing Adventure Book Three
Alternate Currents: Darcy Farthing Adventure Book Four
A Current Deception: Darcy Farthing Adventure Book Five
Currents Of Sin: Darcy Farthing Adventure Book Six

Author’s Page On Book Marketing Global Network


Testimony from Mercedes Rochelle on January 24, 2019

I’ve been advertising with Cold Coffee Press for many years.

I think Theodocia gives 110% in her promotional campaigns as well as associated pages like Facebook.

They are great to work with and I always appreciate seeing new and interesting ideas.

Keep up the good work!

Books by Mercedes Rochelle
A King Under Siege: Book One Of The Plantagenet Legacy
Godwine Kingmaker: Part One Of The Last Great Saxon Earls
The Sons Of Godwine: Part Two Of The Last Great Saxon Earls
Fatal Rivalry: Part Three of The Last Great Saxon Earls
Heir To A Prophecy

Author’s Page On Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Lesley Lodge on October 5, 2018

“I am SO impressed with the promotional work by Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) and Theodocia McLean.

She first read and comprehensively reviewed my book Wayland’s Revenge. Then posted a whole host of material on to so many promotional sites.

The whole process is completely transparent – even to the extent of hits counters on each promotional page so that you can see the number of visitors.

The individual webpages all look very clear, uncluttered and professional. Moreover, the promotional campaigns continue after the initial work has been done – all included in the price.

I highly recommend this fantastic service, especially – but not only – for new and newish writers.”

Many thanks again and best wishes, Lesley

Lesley Lodge’s Books:
Wayland’s Revenge
Lights-Camera-Gallop: The Story Of The Horse In Film
Horse and Pony Colours: Which Would You Choose
Because It Is Written
Coloring Book Of Horses: Stress Reducing Art Therapy Paperback

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Testimonial from Ray Stanton on September 28, 2018

We are so pleased with the campaign for Rays book and would highly recommend Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press).

Thank You,
Ray and Debi Stanton

Ray Stanton’s Books:
Path To Truth: The Ray Stanton Story
Adoration Prayer
Adoration Prayer Devotional / Journal
Waynesville, Indiana: Mother’s Day, Murder and Mayhem

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Joy M. Lilley on August 29, 2018

I am glad to have found this amazing talented lady to help with the promotion of my books.

Theodocia, goes to great lengths to ensure that everything is correctly in place to give readers the best reading experience they can have.

I will definitely be using her services in the future. I am expecting my latest novel to be published in the Autumn and this will be seen on all her sites.

Thank you for an easy, seamless journey.

Best Wishes,
Joy M. Lilley

Joy M. Lilley’s Books
Figs, Vines and Roses
The Liberty Bodice
Times Pendulum Swings Again

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Linda Maria Frank on July 24, 2018

Theodocia McLean and Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) are a truly beneficial asset to authors, especially first book authors, and Indies. Ms. McLean’s network of websites that feature the materials she composes for her author clients give them an entrée into the world of social media that is so important to the marketing aspect of “getting your book out there.”

Theodocia McLean’s book reviews are what every author wants to see, real attention to the book. The reviews are extensive including excerpts from the book and insights that will draw potential readers. The Author Spotlight Interview is included on 9 websites and blogs. Your book, your bio, and any other pertinent materials you send to her will be featured in the Author Spotlight Interview.

I have used Theodocia McLean’s services for all of my Annie Tillery Mysteries and it gives me great pleasure to tell you that my confidence in her ability to promote my series has never been in doubt. The services of Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) and its network of sites is a tremendous asset you don’t want to miss.

Best of luck to all the authors joining Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press).

Linda Mara Frank, author of Annie Tillery Mysteries
The Madonna Ghost
Girl with Pencil, Drawing
Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys
The Mystery of the Lost Avenger
Making a Mystery with Annie Tillery

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Amy Sumida on July 11, 2018

Theodocia went to work immediately on organizing my multiple book series which includes over 40 titles. Meanwhile, she somehow found the time to read one of my books and give me an in-depth review.

I was expecting this part of the process to take weeks, but not only did she have it done in days, she also had my books up for promotion on several websites; all looking very professional.

Through the whole process, she kept me up to date on every step she was doing and what to expect. I’m blown away by her speed and talent.

I would recommend her services in a heartbeat.

Thanks again,
Amy Sumida

Author Amy Sumida Has Five Series and Some Stand-Alone Books

  • The Twilight Court Series: Series about a human psychic who polices the Fey on Earth, just concluded with book 9.
  • The Godhunter Series: Amy’s first series, about a witch who hunts gods, is 23 books in and still going strong.
  • Beyond the Godhunter: A spin-off from the Godhunter Series has only 2 books so far.
  • Happily Harem After Series: Series of collected short stories, all fairy tales that have been redone. Book 2 is currently in the works.
  • The Spellsinger Series: Starts with The Last Lullaby (the book published by Kindle) and I’m about to release Book 4. It’s about a woman who is half witch and half siren, with the ability to create magic through music lyrics. Each book comes with a playlist you can listen to on Spotify.

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Testimonial from Ronald E. Yates on June 28, 2018

Theodocia, of Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press), works tirelessly on behalf of her author clients to present their work professionally and honestly to the public. What more can an author ask of a company that provides valuable promotional/marketing services for his or her books? To top it all off, Theodocia is a joy to work with. I will be back with my next book!

Enjoy The Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Kindle Gift Set by Ronald E. Yates

  • Finding Billy Battles (Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Book 1)
  • The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles (Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Book 2)
  • The Lost Years Of Billy Battles (Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Book 3)

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Testimonial from Ann Crawford on June 7, 2018

Working with Theodocia was pure joy. She made the process easy and her communication was clear…she always let me know what the next step was going to be and when I could expect things from her – very different from how many businesses work, LOL!

Thank you, Theodocia, for all that you do for your authors.

It is so appreciated.

Author Ann Crawford’s Books
Life In The Hollywood Lane
Visioning: Creating The Life Of Our Dreams and A World That Works For Us All
Mary’s Message: The Story Of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua ben Yosef
Angels On Overtime

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Testimonial from Janice (J. E.) Spina on June 2, 2018

Thank you, Theodocia, for putting in enormous effort to promote both of my books, Hunting Mariah in the past and Mariah’s Revenge, it’s sequel, presently on Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press).

You have gone above and beyond and done an outstanding job. You work tirelessly to complete your job and do it expertly.

I would highly recommend you to all authors if they want to get their books noticed at a reasonable price.

Thank you!
J.E. (Janice) Spina

Author of Hunting Mariah & Mariah’s Revenge

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Mercedes Rochelle on August 11, 2017

“I have been listed with Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) for a few years.

I have found Theodocia to be extremely accommodating all along, even offering extra encouragement regardless of the fact that my membership was free.

She is a hard working gal, and deserves credit for all she has achieved, including a helpful Facebook page to promote her authors. It’s rare to see such unconditional dedication, and I really believe her when she says she has “a passion to help authors”.”

About Historical Fiction Author Mercedes Rochelle: Born in St. Louis MO with a degree from University of Missouri, Mercedes Rochelle learned about living history as a re-enactor and has been enamored with historical fiction ever since. A move to New York to do research and two careers ensued, but writing fiction remains her primary vocation. She lives in Sergeantsville, NJ with her husband in a log home they had built themselves.

I invite you to read ‘The Last Great Saxon Earls Trilogy’.

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Peter Darley on August 4, 2017

“I’m so glad I found Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press). The work Theodocia put into designing a second website for me, and her unremitting promotional efforts have been truly staggering. She works with dazzling speed, and is clearly committed to furthering the careers of authors with an indomitable spirit. There have been times when I had to ask her to slow down. She was working to the point of exhaustion for me, and it struck a chord with my conscience.

The review she wrote for my debut novel was wonderful, and will surely help me with my quest to further my career. It is also wonderful to be a part of the Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) community. Writing is a lonely road, and contact with our brother and sister authors can only be beneficial to us all.”

About Romantic Suspense Thriller Author Peter Darley: Peter Darley (P.D. to his friends) is a British novelist, whose professional history is in show business.

He is a graduate of the Birmingham School of Speech and Dramatic Art, and he studied television drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA.)

His television credits include guest-starring roles is UK productions such as BBC’s Crime Ltd, Stanley’s Dragon for ITV, The Bill, and Sky One’s Dream Team, and numerous TV commercials. He has also worked as a model, presenter, and voice-over artiste for ten years, and has acted as an agent for several variety acts.

His lifelong admiration of heroes, and love of roller-coaster-style thrills have been a huge influence on his writings.

He is a keen athlete and lives in rural England.

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Roxanne Bland on June 11, 2017

Hi, Theodocia,

“I wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful, insightful review. I’m especially happy with your caution that readers will either “love it or hate it.” This is what I was trying to caution readers about with the warning.

I’m running a Goodread’s giveaway, and I think it interesting that the entries shot up once you put your review online. I think you’ve piqued readers’ curiosity about the book. And if they win, and they hate it, they can’t say they weren’t forewarned.”

Thanks again,

About The Author: Roxanne Bland grew up in Washington, D.C., where she discovered strange and wonderful new worlds through her local library and bookstores. These and other life experiences have convinced her that reality is highly overrated.

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Testimonial from Author J. A. Hunsinger on October 4, 2016

“I have been with Theodocia McLean for several years now, because she works her heart out for me and my books. In the process we have become friends. Just recently she reviewed and promoted my latest novel and the results she posted yesterday of her promo in my behalf is dazzling. Seriously, you will be dazzled when you read her final report and see the dozens of links to sites where her efforts for you have been posted.

Give Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) and Theodocia’s promotional services a try, I guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the result.”

About the Author: J. A. Hunsinger lives in Colorado, USA, with his wife Phyllis. He writes and promotes full-time. His three book trilogy Axe of Iron Series can be purchased at Vinland Publishing. His books are also available from Amazon.

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Testimonial from Author A. K. Taylor on September 16, 2016

“Theodocia McLean was a pleasure to work with. She has smart and innovative ways to help authors’ market books. She knows of things I have never heard of. She has a passion for books and authors and is an avid reader who gives thoughtful care to each one in turn. She always comes up with more ways all the time to improve her already great service.

Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) was a treasure to find. Someone sent me an invite, and now I recommend it to others! You get great value that is ongoing, and it is more than worth the price. I would recommend it to anyone to add to their own book marketing plan.”

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Tara L. Kay, PharmD, MBA on August 11, 2016

“Theodocia McLean and Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) were an absolute treasure to find.

I was amazed at how quickly and thoroughly my promotional campaign took off.

As a first time author, I am grateful for the not just the exposure to so many venues but also for the reasonable cost.

I would highly recommend Theodocia and Cold Coffee Press to any author who would like more publicity for their book.”

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Arleen Alleman on July 29, 2016

“Theodocia at Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) has an amazing ability to promote books over many different platforms.

The extensive work she did for my book series is extraordinary. I have so much exposure beyond what I could have accomplished myself with very little effort on my part.

I am very grateful for her social media expertise applied to helping authors reach a wide range of readers.”

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Testimonial from Author Charles E. Yallowitz on January 13, 2016


Thank you for everything. Had a great sales day when the review came out, so there was definitely an impact. Enjoy the rest of the week.”

Charles E. Yallowitz

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 3:23 PM, To Cold Coffee Press
From Charles E. Yallowitz

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Fiona Ingram on February 2, 2016

“Theodocia McLean of Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) is passionate about promoting authors and it shows. Within a very short space of time I found my author details and books featured in many places and sites I hadn’t even thought of.

Theodocia is meticulous, ethical and enthusiastic, with lots of innovative ideas on getting the best coverage for authors listed with her. I am extremely happy with the results I see and have no hesitation in wholeheartedly endorsing her services!”

Fiona Ingram: Children’s Author

Original Message From Fiona Ingram
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 3:30 AM

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Linda D. Wattley on February 4, 2016

“Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) is the place to go if you want the world to know about your book!

Getting back into the author seat again after eight years was overwhelming for me. The internet determines a large part of your exposure in trying to reach readers and opportunities.

Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) was heaven sent. Immediately, I saw results in my search engines. In fact, their work performance showed up at the top of my Google searches in a very short period of time.

If you want someone who will work hard for you and have a heart for authors this is the place to be. From beginning to end, you are well informed of the entire process. You are connected to increased and growing sources of contact that leads you onward on your journey to be known by the world.

Theodocia McLean sincerely wants to see you succeed. For sure you will see an increase in book sells.

Thank you so much for broadening my territory. May God’s blessings continue upon you! I am so thankful I found Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) before continuing my journey!”

Original Message Sent To Cold Coffee Press/Book Marketing Global Network

Sent: Friday, February 4, 2016 2:31 PM

From: Linda D. Wattley: “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Clayton Graham on April 15, 2016

“Many, many thanks for your wonderful expertise, hard work, and prompt reactions to my questions in promoting my debut novel ‘milijun’.

I find membership of Cold Coffee Press a marvellous experience in itself, and the wider promotion you give to authors is both remarkable and unparalleled.

I am extremely grateful for your help, and for your ongoing promotion of ‘milijun’. I look forward to our continued friendship and my membership of Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) in the future.

Wishing you every success in your future endeavours.”

Best Wishes
Graham C.

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Fran Connor on April 18, 2016

Hi Theodocia,

Thanks for all the work you put in. Having read the report I’m amazed at how much you have done. It is very much appreciated.

Please see my testimonial below.

“Theodocia McLean and Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) are the gems that one sometimes finds among the masses of sites and bloggers out there who offer much and deliver little. In Theodocia’s case she offers a lot and then delivers it in spades. I’m particularly impressed with her understanding of how to use the internet to the best advantage of an author with a new book out and also for the back catalogue. My professional image has increased considerably due to her efforts. If you are looking for someone to build your online presence to a professional standard then get in touch with Theodocia.”

Fran Connor

Book Marketing Global Network


Testimonial from Author Ernesto Patino on July 2, 2016

“I would not hesitate to recommend Book Marketing Global Network (Cold Coffee Press) and the excellent service Theodocia Mclean provides to Indie authors.”

Ernesto Patino

Book Marketing Global Network

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