Premier Manuscript Editing

Are you tired of reading your manuscript over and over and finding spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, timeline inconsistencies, large white spaces, justification issues, capitalization problems, punctuation missing, and wrong prepositions, adverbs, or adjectives?

Hire Premier Editing to professionally and skillfully edit your manuscript with a very quick turnaround.

We Professionally Edit:

  • Headers (not formatting)
  • Footers (not formatting)
  • Any Genre
  • Any Size
  • Double Checking Page Numbers in Your Table of Contents
  • Spelling Errors
  • Grammatical Mistakes
  • Timeline Inconsistencies
  • Large White Spaces
  • Justification Issues
  • Capitalization Problems
  • Missing Punctuation
  • Wrong Prepositions, Adverbs, or Adjectives
  • Quick Turnaround

Are you ever confused as to what did the editor fix or work on? Anastasia uses red-lining. It is as if your editor had a hard copy of your manuscript and used the “infamous” red pen to edit with.

View Redlining Sample Below

You will see dashes through things the editor takes out. You will see items underlined showing you that the editor inserted something.  You, as the author, can read your manuscript and see exactly what the editor suggests.  If you don’t like a change you can remove the change.  Then the editor will make sure all the changes made that you, the author, have not made any changes on, and voila, a fully professionally edited manuscript.

Anastasia has been editing and typing for 26 years and more and comes highly recommended by hundreds of authors she has previously edited for. She is a published author of 10 books.

Send your manuscript to us in Word Document format through email.

We invoice through PayPal.

We charge $1.00 per page (always a quick turnaround).

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Anastasia Cassella-Young

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