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Communication is important to us. We work hard to promote you and your book(s).

Request To Join Us: Please email us with the information listed below.

Determination: We will look over the information you send over and make a determination. We are seeking dedicated authors with great books to share with our readers!

If Accepted: We will send you an email inviting you to join us. We will ask your permission to send you an invoice for $25.00 (if permission granted). This fee covers the cost to build your ‘Author’s Page. This fee includes one ‘Book Listing’ to be placed in our ‘Global Library’ (for adult readers) and/or our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (for young readers. In addition, your book will be submitted to our ‘Awards/Contests’ monthly.

Fees: At our conception, our services were free. Even with rising costs, we only charge a small fee of $25.00, for Authors (to get started) when accepted by our team. We respect your promotional budget and understand increased inflation. At the same time, we look to maintain our BMGN website and all our services. Thank you supporting us and our amazing authors.


  • Title: Full title of your book.
  • Book Genre: Please give us up to two possible genres for our ‘Global Library’ (for adult readers) and/or our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (for young readers).
  • Your book’s Amazon purchase link(s).
  • Your Amazon ‘Author’s Page’ link (if you have one).
  • Best contact email (to reach you with contest/award results).
  • Professional website link (if you have one).
  • Professional blog link (if you have one).
  • Facebook link (if you have one).
  • Twitter link (if you have one).
  • LinkedIn link (if you have one).
  • Professional head-shot (if you have one).
  • Other link(s) you want readers to know about.
  • Please tell us if you publish in multiple languages, and/or have a ‘You Tube’ book video to share.
  • How did you hear about us?

Contact Email:

Benefits Of Membership:

  • We create an ‘Author’s Page’ for you. We do all the work, leaving you more time to write.
  • You can add books to your page at any time.
  • We submit your book(s) into our ‘Monthly Awards/Contest’ automatically.
  • Your ‘Author’s Page’ will be active year-round and we work to build a readership for your page.
  • Follow your ‘Reader/Visitor Count’ on the top left-hand side of your ‘Author’s Page’.
  • Your book(s) will be listed in our ‘Global Library’ (for adult readers).
  • Your children’s book(s) will be listed in our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (for young readers).
  • Some of our authors report using their ‘Author’s Page’ for a website (giving them more time to write).
  • If invited to join, we accept all book and all genres from all publishers.
  • Our work is labor intensive. No refunds after your ‘Author’s Page is created and live!

Important News: We will send you a ‘Word Doc’ with a list of links, inviting you to promote your own book(s) on our Facebook Pages and in our many Facebook Groups. We want you to promote your books alongside our author/book promotions. We will work together to reach readers. Please request this document, if you haven’t received the list in your email on file with us. This list of links, plus many more will also be sent in the ‘Promotional Report’ after the ‘Promotional Campaign’ is complete.

Promotional Campaign Program: You are welcome to request a ‘Promotional Campaign’ at any time. After each ‘Promotional Campaign’, we give you a ‘Promotional Report’ (with live links). We also give you the ‘Promotional Tools’ that we use for your ‘Promotional Campaign’ so you can promote yourself on your own website, blogs and on social media. We also give you the links to promote yourself alongside our promotions within Social Media avenues.

Notice To Authors Who Join Through Our Partners: If you have joined under one of our ‘Partner Services’, you have joined under their ‘Program’. Your book(s) will be listed in our ‘Global Library’ (for adult readers) and/or ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (for young readers). In addition, your book(s) will be submitted to our Awards/Contests monthly. Please stay in touch will us directly through email. You can request a ‘Promotional Campaign’ and request to join our ‘Book Review Program’. We will send you an email each time we create and/or update your page.

Photo Groups: We show the author’s photo with each book group photo, in all our promotions. This helps readers follow their favorite authors. We believe it is important to give the author credit with each photo book group. Our authors submit the photo they want us to use.

Book Review Program:  We offer ‘Professional/Editorial Book Reviews’ for Published and Unpublished manuscripts. When an Author sends us a request to join our ‘Book Review Program’, he/she is required to send us his/her book manuscript in a PDF or Word format. We will evaluate whether or not we want to proceed with the ‘Book Review’ process. We are looking for 5 Star books. Not all manuscripts are accepted into the program.

Your Responsibility: Please Read Our ‘About Us’ Page To Fully Understand Our Policies.

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