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Our Growth Going Forward: As We Grow, We Want To Help All Our Authors Succeed.

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If Accepted: We We Will Send You A Pay Pal Invoice For $40.00. This Is The Start Up Fee To Build Your Author’s Page. This Fee Includes ‘One Book Listing’ and One ‘Promotional Campaign’. You Will Receive A Full ‘Promotional Report’ When The Work Is Done.

Your Responsibility: Please Read Our ‘About Us’ Page To Fully Understand Our Policies


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Benefits Of Membership:

  • We Create An Author’s Page For You. We Do All The Work For You, Leaving You More Time To Write.
  • You Can Add More Books At Any Time For A Small Labor Fee.
  • We Will Run One ‘Promotional Campaign’.
  • We Give You A ‘Promotional Report’.
  • We Give You ‘Our Promotional Tools’, So You Can Promote Yourself On Your Website, Blogs and Social Media.
  • We Give You Links To Promote Yourself, Along Side Our Promotions, On Social Media Platforms.
  • We Offer Professional/Editorial Book Reviews, For Published and Unpublished Manuscripts.
  • We Submit Your Book(s) Into Our Monthly Awards/Contest Automatically.
  • We Encourage Readers To Support Our Amazing Authors.
  • Many Of Our Authors Use Their ‘Author’s Page’ Here At BMGN For Marketing and Promotional Purposes, Instead Of Wasting Money On Expensive Websites. Let Us Build Your Readership.
  • Your Author’s Page Will Be Active Year-Round and We Work To Build A Readership For Your Page.
  • Follow Your Visitor Count On The Top Left Hand Side Of Your Author’s Page.
  • Your Book(s) Will Be Listed In Our Global Library.
  • Your Children’s and YA Books Will Be Listed In Grandma’s Book Club.
  • Please Tell Us If You Have Audio Books, Publish In Multiple Languages and Have A ‘You Tube’ Book Video to Share.
  • FREE: Service Page For All Our Authors Who Offer Services To Benefit Other Authors.
  • FREE: Hobby/Business Listing For All Our Authors.
  • FREE: Extra Promotion If You Submit An Article About Writing, Publishing, etc.
  • News Updates: We Keep You Up-To-Date With New Promotional Avenues and Updates.
  • We Ask That You Activity Promote Your Book(s) and Your Author’s Page.
  • We Invite You (Our Authors) To Purchase One ‘Promotional Campaign’ Per Each Calendar Year.
  • You Can Request A New ‘Promotional Campaign’, At Any Time For Extra Promotion.
  • You Can Add Books To Your Page At Any Time (small fee).
  • Some Of Our Authors Use Their ‘Author’s Page’ For A Website, Giving Them More Time to Write.
  • Our Work Is Labor Intensive. No Refunds After Your Author’s Page Is Created and Live!
  • Reminder: We Accept All Books, From All Publishers.

Our Contracted Promotional Campaigns: We run a full ‘Promotional Campaign’ for each author when he/she joins. Authors can add books to their Author’s Page (small fee) and request ‘NO’ Promotional Campaign, a ‘Single Book’ Promotional Campaign or a ‘Book Group’ Promotional Campaign. A ‘Promotional Campaign’ can be requested at any time.

Notice To ‘Pen It Publication Authors: Please stay in touch will us directly through email. Debi Stanton (Traditional Publisher) has an agreement with us for your ‘Author’s Page’. You can request a ‘Promotional Campaign’ and request to join our ‘Book Review Program’. All books are placed in our Global Library and/or Grandma’s Book Club. We will send you an email each time we create and/or update your page. It is your responsibility and your publisher’s responsibility to read and understand the information at this link:

Author/Members: You Are Welcome To Request A New ‘Promotional Campaign’ At Any Time! Click Here To Purchase A New Promotional Campaign

Book Review Program: When an Author sends us a request to join our ‘Book Review Program’, he/she is required to send us his/her book manuscript in a PDF format. We will evaluate whether or not we want to proceed with the ‘Book Review’ process. We are looking for 5 Star books. Not all manuscripts are accepted into the program.

Testimonial From Author Arleen Alleman

Book Marketing Global Network efforts on behalf of authors really has no comparison.

For such a nominal cost, their attention to detail and the extent of exposure that authors get for their books are exemplary.

The staff provides all the means for authors to use the promotional materials they create for their own purposes.

In addition to the Promotional Campaigns, I especially appreciate the Global Network’s several Facebook pages and groups where authors can post their own ads to thousands of readers.

This is a great value!

Arleen Alleman
Author’s Page Here At Book Marketing Global Network

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