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Book Marketing Global Network is proud to promote multi-book, multi-genre Author Jay Dubya (John Wiessner). Authors like Jay Dubya make it their life’s work to write and published books. With over 59 books to his credit, we give an extra shout out for his dedication.

Testimony from Jay Dubya (John Wiessner) on March 14, 2019

My recently developed author’s page at Book Marketing Global Network (and its affiliated websites) has been quite professionally and creatively prepared, and I’m sure that it will be visited by book lovers many times in the future as your various websites grow from small acorns into mighty oaks.

I’m delighted to get-in on the ground floor before your myriad website-publicity elevators zoom upward. Thank you very much for putting together a most admirable and attractive Jay Dubya author webpage.

With over 59 book title, here are just a few group headings on my Author’s Page

  • Adult Action Adventure Trilogy by Jay Dubya
  • Adult Satire by Jay Dubya
  • Baker’s Dozen by Jay Dubya
  • Mythology/ Short Story Fiction by Jay Dubya
  • Non-Fiction Books by Jay Dubya
  • Novellas By Jay Dubya
  • Prime-Time Crime Time by Jay Dubya
  • Satire/Parodies (Adult) by Jay Dubya
  • Science Fiction, Time Travel and Utterly Fantastic Occurrences by Jay Dubya
  • Short Stories/Parodies (Adult) by Jay Dubya
  • Short Stories/Science Fiction by Jay Dubya
  • So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher by Jay Dubya
  • The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House by Jay Dubya
  • The FBI Inspector by Jay Dubya
  • The Psychic Dimension, Part II by Jay Dubya
  • YA Fantasy Trilogy by Jay Dubya

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International Internet Places To Purchase Jay Dubya Books

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