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  • Please email over your Full Manuscript (that is published) in either Word or PDF format. You can use email or a large doc service like Google Docs or Drop Box.
  • Special Note: Our in depth book reviews are Professional Editorial Reviews. We review published and unpublished manuscripts.
  • We suggest that you or your publisher place our Professional/Editorial Review within the editorial review space on your Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble book page.
  • We do not post to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You or your publisher can our review.
  • We suggest you use our Professional/Editorial Review on the inside and back cover of your book.
  • We suggest you post our Professional/Editorial Review on your websites and blogs.
  • We suggest that you post our Professional/Editorial Review on all social media platforms.

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Single Book Listing With Professional/Editorial Review
(Priced by Book Pages). Global Promotional Campaign Included.

Priced by Book Pages


Here Is What You Can Expect From Each Single Book Listing:

Our Book Review Program Is Completely Separate.
You Must Follow The Instructions From This Link.

Typically, We Response To Emails Within 24-48 Hours.
Hours Typically: M-Saturday 12:00-8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Our Office Will Be Closed On All U.S.A Holidays.

Please Check Junk/Spam Box, As Emails Can Get Re-Routed.

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