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I Must Survive! by Harry Simpson

Brad Howard’s PBR crew has been killed and he is stranded in Vietnam miles from base.

To make it home he must survive starvation and detection.

Every Vietnamese is a potential Vietcong to be avoided.

The loneliness of nights is overwhelming so he focuses on the hardships of a poor eastern Colorado family surviving thee real life experiences of the 1950’s and a childhood of freedom and imagination.

“The structure of I Must Survive! is built on a parallel narrative that flashes between the present in Vietnam and the childhood past.  The story does a strong job in characterizing its main character, and the book succeeds the most when the two stories are paired together to provide insight on both time periods.” Review by Hollywood Coverage

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The Outlaws Of Devil’s Den (The Westward Series Book 3) by Harry Simpson

I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s, with no television, and way before the advent of personal computers and cell phones. I was blessed to live with two loving parents, both of whom enjoyed reading and also encouraged me to read.

My paternal grandfather introduced me to the wonderful world of the west. He had lived in a world that I could only dream about, but I was hooked, not only to a lifetime of reading, but with a lean towards the Western genre.

He also introduced me to the children’s card game, Authors, so it was not a surprise that I fell in love with stories by James Fennimore Cooper, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and a host of the other great authors.

Throughout my life, I have read many fictional books and grew to appreciate the storytelling skills of many authors, across many genres. I found my real interest was the storytellers of Westerns, but especially Louis L’Amour.

My list of favorite authors is actually quite long, because a lifetime of reading has exposed me to so many who intrigue with their imagination and storytelling. What a wonderful pastime reading has provided me! Reading not only provides freedom from life’s realities, but also allows me to see the world through an author’s mind and to appreciate their individual skill of using the English language. I am concerned that many in the younger generations will never experience what I have, because their world revolves around their cell phones and Facebook, etc. What a loss to society it would be if the tradition of storytellers ever comes to an end. My wish is that my stories are enjoyed by others and maybe the spark for a future storyteller is ignited.

Following is a Louis L’Amour quote that probably is what all authors strive to achieve:

“I think of myself in the oral tradition—as a troubadour, a village taleteller, the man in the shadows of the campfire. That’s the way I want to be remembered—as a storyteller. A good storyteller.”

Another great western author, William W. Johnstone, answered as follows when asked why Westerns are as popular now as they were a century ago:

“The Western is one of the few true art forms that is one hundred percent American. I liken the Western as America’s version of England’s Arthurian legends like the Knights of the Round Table, or Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The Western has helped to shape the cultural landscape of America. The Western is honest. In this great country, which is suffering under the yoke of political correctness, the Western harks back to an era when justice was sure and swift. … one size fits all.”

Our current high-tech world provides us with virtually real-time information, but without taking the time to verify it accuracy. This lack of verification results in either partial truths or outright lies. The simple right versus wrong conflict depicted in a Western is the underflow current of America exemplified by the rush of men and women to sacrifice for their country during World War I and World War II. This is the example of patriotism that is the common thread for our country’s greatness. To me, keeping the Western alive is a way to remember the world that made America so unique.

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Westward: The Journey of Adolf Nagel by Harry Simpson

Adolf Nagel interrupted the attempted rape of his sixteen-year-old fiancé by killing the son of the most influential man in Hocking County, Ohio.

Escaping certain death, Adolf and Oskar McGill, his chatty childhood friend, flee westward.

Both only seventeen, they were unaware that they were embarking on a dangerous trip full of hazards – including not only nature, but also scalp-minded Indians and bloodthirsty desperados needing killing

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Legend Of Badger Claw (Westward Book 2) by Harry Simpson

In the late 1830’s, it was told that a Great White Spirit came to the Arapaho people and slew their enemy.

Whether true, exaggeration or a myth to scare children, it spread from tribe to tribe, like a plague.

Among the Plains Indians of the Kansas Territory, the Legend of Badger Claw was born.

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About The Author: Harry Simpson III hasa bachelor’s degree in accounting and spent my carrier in that field, became a Vice President of Finance at age of 38 and retired as a Chief Financial Officer in 2007.

I quickly became bored with retirement and spending time golfing and reading books.  I decided to write a fictional novel based on two true stories.  I blended stories from my childhood growing up in Colorado during the wonderful 1950’s with the experience of a friend isolated in Vietnam.

The resulting book ‘I Must Survive’ has been republished and I was successful presenting it to movie and television promoters and getting it on their list of possible movie productions.

Pleasantly surprised with the praise for this book, I decided to make writing a second career.

My grandfather Simpson used to sit with my brother and me of his knees and relate his experiences as a cowboy and ranch manager, training trotters, and using hi college degree to become the first county extension agent in Colorado.

As most young boys would do, I became interested I the old west plus became an avid reader; which I continue today.  One of my favorite authors is Louis L`amour so it is only natural that I follow those interests into writing novels of the western genre.  Because of my childhood knowledge of Colorado and Kansas, I am using that area for my books.

I believe in researching to make a book fit the real world and have outline a series of books depicting various generations of the fictional Nagel Family.

I hope readers enjoy these books, as much as I did writing them. The first in this series was just published as Westward: The Journey of Adolf Nagel and the second The Legend of Badger Claw is currently being edited. 

I have completed the research for the third, Outlaws of Devil’s Den and am in the process of writing. 



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