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Searching for Roy Buchanan (Sweet Dreams) by Tory Gates

Aki Sato is not your typical teenager. She has weathered the loss of her parents and joined her brothers, Kenji and Hiro in a struggle to keep the family business, and themselves together.

Aki has also inherited the Amida Syndrome, the power of time travel. Without her mother to guide her, Aki has no experience in its use, nor can she defend against the terrifying nightmares that haunt her.

A chance breakdown leads the siblings to Kazu, an eccentric retired blues musician. In a series of misadventures, Aki must guide her brothers through time, space, and the world of the blues. In time, Aki not only discovers her own voice, but the power of music.

The journey through time and life is just getting started in “Searching for Roy Buchanan.”

Five Star Review: Fascinating time travel, action adventure involving teenage characters who discover the power of music.

*****As an avid listener to classical and jazz, I admit, I had to google the late great American guitarist and blues musician Leroy “Roy” Buchanan. My husband plays professional clarinet and is very familiar with this pioneer of Telecaster sound.

*****As a broadcaster for more than thirty years, Author Tory Gates has found his new calling, as a vivid fantasy story teller.

*****Book One, Searching for Roy Buchanan (Sweet Dreams), begins with teenage Aki experiencing something between a night mare and night terrors, as she “cried out one long, agonized scream”.

*****As a grandmother my heart went out the kids. I am awe of the mystical and musical experiences that touched these young lives. A story of tragedy and triumph. A compelling journey into art, music appreciation, Japanese language, wrapped in healing mystical time travel that brings acute self-awareness and an adventure that brings unexpected maturity in time when Aki and her brothers should still be children.

*****Let me draw you into the story line in Chapter 5.

*****“Aki sat on her bed. Naked but for the T-shirt she slept in, Aki sweated, but was cold. She drew her comforter about herself in the dark room.

*****She looked up through her tousled hair, at the sun, which fingered its way through the blinds. Fingers slipped between one another, Aki rested them against her forehead and breathed. She wanted to stand but could not.

*****Thoughts, random and specific, passed through her mind, and though she tried to set them free again, she could not. When I was young, my mother called me a dreamer. She meant it with affection.

*****The truth is, while I may have at times imagined myself as someone else, I have no dreams. Those things I might have wished for were cast aside when Mom and Dad died. I am no longer a girl; all of us grew up that day.”

*****I invite you to see for yourself what happens to Aki and her brothers. What is Amida Syndrome? Is it a gift or curse?

*****Now we wait for book two in this series.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network)

Series: Sweet Dreams (Book 1).

  • Global Library: Teen and Young Adult (Time Travel
  • Global Library: Teen and Young Adult (Music-Fiction)

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Live from the Cafe by Tory Gates

“What did you dream today?”

Harlandsville, Quebec—look up the definition of small town in a dictionary, and you’ll find its picture.

A one-stoplight village, Harlandsville doesn’t have a lot to offer, or so it seems. Old homes, an abandoned mill, a gas station, one Chinese takeout joint, and a former pub turned into a coffee shop. For the latter, one learns never to judge a book by its cover.

One step through the doors of Le Cafe, and you enter a world where the coffee is brewed one pot at a time through a strange machine, the pastries are homemade, and the music is a roadmap of Canada’s history.

Presided over by Luc, the son of one of Harlandsville’s most loved residents and his partner Emily, the cafe is home to natives and visitors alike. Where the coffee is strong, the spirit of friendship stronger, and occasional strange (and famous?) characters show up to hang out, and play music.

Small-town life, love, change, prejudice, pasts and futures are examined and experienced. The heartbeat of Harlandsville is right here. You never know who’ll show up, or what will happen next, Live from the Cafe…

  • Global Library: Fiction (Dystopian and Utopia)
  • Global Library: Fiction (LGBT)
  • Global Library: Fiction (Cultural Heritage)

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A Moment In The Sun by Tory Gates

Sixteen-year-old Rei Murata appears to have everything: good looks, brains, artistic skill and admiring friends. But Rei is a survivor—of loss, neglect and of self-isolation. Locked away from a world where she felt unwanted, Rei was one of the millions known as the hikikomori.

A chance meeting leads Rei to discover the online world of the Dwellers. Astonished to find her former classmate Sho among their number, Rei is determined to rescue him. Rei learns she must come to terms with her past before she can face her future. For her peers, the barriers of class and society must fall, so they too can move forward.

No one is ever lost, Rei believes. She hopes to lead Sho, and the rest to their moment in the sun.

Global Library: Teen and Young Adult (Depression and Mental Health)

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Parasite Girls by Tory Gates

Aidan Connor is a globetrotting American photojournalist.

Burned out from a disastrous assignment, he turns up on the Tokyo doorstep of his old college friend, Mima. He soon learns that Mima’s past (and his own) have become present. A talented artist, Mima is struggling to make it on her own. Two of her oldest friends, Sora and Eko are also battling a peculiar form of social injustice: they are branded “Parasite Singles” because both still live at home despite being in their early thirties.

Aidan knows everyone has a story: a brilliant painter, Sora suffers from mental illness. Eko, who appears tobe the poster child for the term also has a dark past. As he remakes himself, Aidan is reminded of what kept him close to Mima all these years.

He also sees what keeps Mima, Sora, Eko and Mima’s old love so close as well…one thing never dies.

Global Library: Fiction (General)

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About The Author: Tory Gates has been a broadcaster for more than thirty years, Tory Gates has seen and done just about everything in the radio business. Currently, Tory can be found hosting and producing music, talk and sports programs across Central Pennsylvania. He hosts The Brown Posey Press Show, a program for authors on the BookSpeak Network, and is also known as DJ`Riff, host of The Music Club for the London-based Radio-Airwaves Station.

Tory is the author of four books. The latest, Searching for Roy Buchanan is available on Brown Posey Press. His 2016 release, A Moment in the Sun won First Place in the Young Adult division of the 2017 Red City Review Awards, and was a finalist for the Dante Rossetti Award for Young Adult Fiction by Chanticleer Reviews. 2017’s Live from the Cafe was also a Red City Review finalist in 2018. His self-published debut, Parasite Girls is available through and Smashwords.

Tory’s works are of young adult/crossover fiction, with exotic settings, but deal with real-life issues and social problems. His future releases include Searching for Roy Buchanan.

A native of Vermont, Tory lives in Harrisburg with his numerous cats.

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Twitter: (@ToryGates)


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