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What Is A Virus For Kids by Rich Linville

To understand what a virus is and what you can do about viruses, you must first learn about living cells that are invaded by viruses. This can help you prevent infections by viruses as well as stop the spread of harmful viruses.

Genre: Book Marketing Global Network: Global Library: Grandma’s Book Club: Health (Illness, Virus)

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Bio From Rich Linville: “For over 40 years, I have enjoyed teaching all subjects in elementary, middle school, high school and college.

Currently I am retired. I tutor all ages and write children’s books, both eBooks and paperback books. I have custom-written books for adults and children. I have received awards for Teacher of the Year, for Innovations in Education and Technology plus a Lifetime Achievements Award in Education.

I enjoy researching topics and writing books as well as writing books to your specifications.”

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