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5 Star Review: Author Peter Darley takes an amazing approach to his ‘Hold On’ Romantic Suspense Thriller Series. ‘Hold On’ is book one in the adult series and it is FREE to all readers who crave action, mystery, conspiracies, romance, science fiction and heart stopping thrills.

The author’s approach may be unorthodox, but it might be genius because after reading ‘Hold On’ I am convinced that you will want to purchase the next books in his trilogy.

Forty-seven intense chapters introduce you to his two main characters Brandon (an AWOL soldier) and Belinda Reese (a corporate secretary for Carringby Enterprises). This book is set up in an easy to follow format with chapters that remind me of my favorite TV series episodes. I guess this is why the author lists his books as Season 1, 2, 3, etc. Well-developed characters along with a fast-paced persuasive story line will keep you turning the page.

I personally love thrillers! My heart races and my mind turns to my favorite TV Heroes Steven Seagal and Bruce Willis as I find myself searching for clues that will allow me to accept Brandon Drake as the new empowered hero that brings his own experience, skills and gismos into a world filled with conspiracy and terrorism.

Let’s begin as Brandon Drake as he sits on the edge of his sofa. His thoughts beg him to stay in the comfort of this room where it is safe. Heroes never play it safe now do they?

The sign of a skilled action thriller writer is the ability to draw the reader into the action while offering a softer, more romantic interlude when action creates an adrenalin rush, death that may or may not be cheated, and an afterglow of pure animal attraction. Let me tease you with this quote: “The aircraft landed outside a wooden cabin deep within the snow-covered mountains. Belinda’s safety harness automatically detached itself and retracted into the seat. The side door slid upward, and she noticed they’d landed directly against the porch of the cabin. “I didn’t want you to be knee-deep in snow,” he said. Shaking, she reached out and eased herself onto the porch. “It’s dryer this way.” The stranger climbed across the passenger’s side to join her. She assumed he was trying to put her at ease by acting nonchalant. He walked across the porch and inserted a key into the cabin door. Belinda considered the sight somewhat bizarre—a tall, muscular man in black combat fatigues, and a sleek helmet with a reflective visor, acting so normal. She was instantly drawn to the vision before her. The moonlight shone down onto a valley of snow, creating a calming, hypnotic, purple-blue effect. It was a contender for the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, and such a dramatic contrast to that which had led her to it. He pushed the door open and stepped inside. “You’d better come in or you’re gonna freeze.” She turned around and cautiously followed him into the living room. Nothing about the interior registered with her.”

Are they safe in the Cabin? Will Belinda let her guard down? Is there more to Brandon than first impressions? Can life ever be normal again? Can you define normal?

I enjoyed Hold On: Season 1 by Peter Darley. Once read, you should purchase Go: Hold On Season 2, Run: Hold On Season 3 and Hold On: Tomorrow (A Futuristic Action Thriller).

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Genre:  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers, Conspiracies, Romance, Science Fiction

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