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Mirrors Of Life: What Is Your Life In The Mirror? by Neal Owens

In the mixed days of happiness and sadness, life and death, an African-American mother guides her children to avoid the pitfalls of their hardship environment and leap over the systematic roadblocks that confine many to juvenile delinquency.

This riveting tale of faith and perseverance leads to intrigue when her spiritually inclined and ambitious son, Derrick, attempts to build a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices set by a group of avaricious businessmen led by the narcissistic and callous, Erich Hornsby.

Surrounded by fierce opposition that includes people of his race, can Derrick prevail against the powers that be? And if so, how?

This debut novel by Indie Author, Neal Owens, is God-centered adult/literary fiction that engages the reader with drama, familial love, romance, suspense, and philosophy.

5 Star Review: Author Neal Owens uses a narrative approach in this first book in his series “Mirrors of Life”.

*****His main characters face real life challenges, environmental, community and individual opposition that is meant to hold them back. The story teaches faith and perseverance through it all.

*****Let me share a quote that seems to be a teaching moment not only for his character Derrick, but for his readers.

*****“The sixty-three-year-old Minister stood in his traditional black suit, white shirt, and black bow tie. His face was as smooth as an infant. His close cut wavy hair didn’t have a strand of gray.

*****Derrick clung to every word of the speech that ended on fourteen points of knowledge.

*****(1) Even as there is a natural inclination to be wise, there is a natural inclination to be foolish.

*****(2) A man cannot alter the world’s future, but he can alter his own.

*****(3) Growth is not the number of experiences, but the learning from experience.

*****(4) Listening is also experiencing because listening provides a frame of reference for and if a situation occurs.

*****(5) To believe is the seed of education, but to know is the growth of education.

*****(6) Growth is not the removal of childhood desires, but the realization of adulthood.

*****(7) There is no opinion to a fact.

*****(8) There are many ways to do the right thing.

*****(9) Where there are strengths and greatness in one, there is also weakness and faults. And where there are weakness and faults in one, there are also strengths and greatness. Therefore, no man is greater than the next in the kingdom of God.

*****(10)  A wise person will not allow bad experiences to dictate their life.

*****(11)  A wise person is objective with self and self-opinions.

*****(12) A wise person is not guided by what he sees, but by what he feels.

*****(13) A wise person prepares for the possibility.

*****(14)  When one possesses a solid answer to every relevant question about a matter, only then can one be wise in their belief.”

*****This is a fiction based on realistic life experiences. The story shows how important family relationship are, how community and faith are important building blocks. Author Neal Owens uses conversation, drama, family structure, romance, suspense and philosophy to tell the story.

*****I believe the author’s “33 years of service to at risk youth” and 23 years in a nonprofit geared towards “developing youth by strengthening families, effective guidance and discipline, gang prevention, community outreach” inspired his need to write Mirrors Of Life: What is your life in the mirror?

*****I recommend this book if you enjoy stories that might take you out of comfort zone and allow you to explore other ideas and situations that might not mirror your own reality.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Book Excerpt:

The Unity Corporation had flown under the radar. But after the presentation at the home of Mr. Davis, the news of Derrick’s plan came to the ears of Erich Hornsby. Mr. Hornsby, a stone-faced, sixty-one-year-old neo-Nazi, was known for having a sense of entitlement and for being narcissistic, unremorseful, without conscience, misogynistic, manipulative, a pathological liar, exploitative, an egomaniac, unforgiving, addicted to power, and a murderer.

His residence was on Park Avenue, but the world was his playground, with castles and mistresses on five continents. Through ruthless underhandedness, he profited $20 million a day worldwide. As chairman of the One Percent Leadership Council, his power was unimaginable for most. He secretly sat above the US president, and with a hidden hand directed the highest authorities. His cohorts were the heads of every major bank, investment firm, and corporation in America.

Everything put into the system was made known to them because they controlled it. They are Big Brother, and live by the art of gaslighting with abstract reality and alternative facts. To them, not getting caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth.

The news of Derrick’s plan to become a significant player in the American economy without their approval ignited immediate action. Mr. Hornsby ordered twenty-four-hour surveillance on the Unity Corporation that included family members and friends and summoned Arthur to his home on Park Avenue.

“You dumbass! You told me there was no threat here!”

Arthur lowered his head like a scolded child. “I’m sorry, sir. I underestimated that nigger.”

“How could you underestimate a Princeton nigger?”

“Sir, did you read his thesis?”

“His thesis? The nigger has half a billion dollars and owns a development company. That should’ve alerted you. Schedule an executive council meeting for nine in the morning.”

“Sir, some of the members are out of the country.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass! Schedule an emergency meeting!”

At 9:00 a.m. sharp, the meeting started with six of the nine members in-person, and three by an encrypted video call.

Erich Hornsby sat on a cushioned, solid-gold chair at a gold, oblong table in a windowless, soundproof room, and said, “Gentleman, we have the threat of niggers who think they can own a major conglomerate.” He pounded his fist. “We cannot allow that to happen!”

The members were silent with anticipation.

Hornsby leaned forward. “If this Williams nigger succeeds with his plan, he will eventually remove us from the top of the business world by undercutting our prices. That is a serious conundrum.”

Samuel Hindenburg, a seventy-one-year-old billionaire said, “Let’s kill them as we have done before. The only good nigger is a dead nigger.”

Hornsby replied, “We need to be cunning. This nigger seems smarter than most. We don’t want to make another martyr. We just need to sway his investors. We cannot allow blacks to dream too big. I knew that nigra president would inspire them. But this jigaboo wants more than his own cable channel, or professional sports team. He wants meaningful power. This nigger wants to replace us.”

Daniel Stevens, the owner of the largest bank, asked, “What do you suggest?”

“Destroy his character. Arthur informed me that Ryan Mendendorf, of all people, now works for Williams. If Mendendorf helps us to gather inside information, we’ll let him back into the world.”

Stephen Silverton, a bold-natured member, said, “Send him a big ass white woman. No nigger can resist that.”

“Duly noted,” Hornsby said before he closed the meeting with a 1960 quote from Fred Koch. “The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America.”

* * *

The council initiated a smear campaign through payoff shills with established reputations in the black community, who strongly refuted the viability of the Unity Corporation.

“The homes cost more than the property is worth. It’s an investment not based on common sense. I believe it’s a Ponzi scheme,” said one prominent black community leader during a nationally televised interview on a network with worldwide syndication.

“As Americans, we shouldn’t be attempting to separate ourselves from America. We’re not a part of a black America or a white America. We are one America!” touted another highly respected black leader.

“The dream of the Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one America. With the election of the first black president, we now have Dr. King’s dream fulfilled. We don’t need division. We shouldn’t give birth to the same racism we fought against,” said another trusted black clergyman over the airwaves.

In search of dirt, the council traced Derrick’s background from birth to present but came up empty-handed. In checking his college phone records, they learned about his obsession with Suzanne.

“Find her and send an agent to befriend her. I’m sure she’s still his weakness. We can use her to our benefit even if she isn’t on board,” Hornsby ordered. He covered another angle and gave a dossier on Derrick to one of the whores from a stable reserved for kings and presidents. “Become the woman he fancies, and take him down without delay.”

Series: Mirrors of Life (Book 1)
Global Library: Literature (African American)

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About The Author: Neal Owens was born and raised in Washington, DC. He wrote his first story in the fifth grade but didn’t consider writing a profession during his pondering of career choices. After 33 years of service to at-risk youth and 23 years of non-profit management that included developing youth by strengthening families, effective guidance and discipline, gang prevention, community outreach, developing superior work teams, resource development, and strategic planning and positioning; he decided to pursue his neglected passion.

By faith, he left the workforce and devoted five years to complete his debut novel, Mirrors of Life. During those years, he took online novel courses and joined the Writers Cafe, Silver Pen, and Fanstory writing communities where he received invaluable support from the members.

Often asked, What qualifies him to write this novel? He answers, “My experiences in life, which includes my college courses in Social Problems and Human Behavior, prepared me to write this novel.”

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