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ClimANNT Change (Adaptable Neonature Technology Series)
by Mitchell Baker

Dr. Niles Gens and Dr. Austina Doceo employ Adaptable NeoNature Technology for perpetual global tree-planting, then redevelop Old-Tech into clean, renewable energy.

Can ANNT enhance nature’s own healing processes?

Will Gens’ and Doceo’s efforts be enough to halt the effects of Humankind’s relentless fossil fuel exploitation, and to avoid global ECO-Palooza?

Series: Adaptable Neonature Technology Series (Book 9)
Global Library: Bio-Social Climate Science Fiction

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About G. Mitchell Baker: G. Mitchell Baker is an Amazon Best Selling author, with more than twenty novels published worldwide. Best known for his Adaptable NeoNature Technology Series (Bio-Social Climate Science Fiction) Mitchell Baker also writes The Emerson Series (Contemporary Literary Fiction), The Lethal Believers Series (Paranormal Myth and Mystery), and, The Kinny Adventure Series (Family Values Adventure for Young Readers).

When asked, “What do you enjoy writing most?” an interview revealed of Baker’s writing and interest – “That original and interesting story researched, and yet to be written to the page…”

Readers in the United States know Baker “…to engage readers with his cryptic style and powerful story-line … as a master at shrouding the mundane in mystery and twisting the story-line so that the seeming unrelated becomes oh so connected,” For the Lethal Believer Series … J. Cowart

Readers in the United Kingdom agree, “G. Mitchell Baker has the talent to captivate the reader… The story is exceptionally well written and draws you into the philosophical discussion what really is important in life … highly recommend this book to anyone who is wrestling with the core questions of life and need something intelligent to read.” For The Involvement of

Emerson … Rogue Reviews

Baker draws his experience from an accomplished career as attorney, having practiced in the highest courts in the United States. He also competed at high levels in the martial arts and, worked closely with those in the Science Technology and Alphabet Agencies. Mitch makes his home in Canada and balances his love for writing, with music and other fine arts.

Baker’s Adaptable NeoNature Technology Series has been featured in the Natural Sciences curriculum at the University of Alberta when he lectured about the value of social sciences, interfacing with hard science. Using the ANNT Series, Mitch brought to life aspects of Critical Thinking to engage his audience.

Mitch has written under the names G. Mitchell Baker, Mitchell Baker, and G. M. Baker. He continues to write asMitchell Baker, as well as G. Mitchell Baker. You can connect with G. Mitchell Baker:

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