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5 Star Review: Author Linda Watkins is another great Maine author who takes her readers on a journey that I found mesmerizing. With skilled precision, Linda lays out a summer chance encounter that leaves two young teens changed forever. I dare say that Andi and Jake’s story will grip your heart and might even bring back some summer memories of your own.

This well woven love story illuminates the magic of summer and the tragedy of abuse. Jake’s story took me back to my own lost summers. Andi’s story gripped my heart, as ghosts emerged from the shadows in my mind.

Ride the ferry boat over to Cutter Island, Maine with Jake as he returns in the summer of 1985. You know the feeling, the roller coaster ride of emotions as you return to a place in your childhood or youth. Time has a way of standing still, bringing back the sweet aromas, sights, sounds, and memories that are buried deep in your soul.

Join Jake and Andi on their adventure as the author takes us back to 1965. Listen to Jake as he explains, “Thus, we passed the balmy days of July. When I wasn’t working, I was with her. We took in an occasional movie, played golf, attended a local dance, or partied with other kids on the beach. But the time I relished most was when we were alone at Preacher’s Cove. Preacher’s was a small strip of sand down behind the Cutter Island Cemetery. Not too many people knew about it or went there because it was rocky and not a good place to sunbathe or swim. But for Andi and me it was heaven on earth.”

Feel the mounting emotion, as the summer of 1965 is drawing to an end. Jake and Andi’s teen romance is threatened by the realization that their time is growing short and they are one ferry boat ride away from being separated forever. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, Jake and Andi choose to live and let life run its course.

Once you begin reading, you will want to follow their lives to the end of this book. See for yourself if young love can survive the test of time. What mysteries can The Sloane Cottage reveal after all these years?

Summer Girl by Linda Watkins is a summer likely to happen in the allure of young hearts and minds when time stands still for just a few weeks.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Genre: Coming of Age, Literature & Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance

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