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My Name is CHIP! by Kyleigh Barboa

Based on a true story, My Name is CHIP! is a delightful story about a young dog’s journey to find his forever home.

It is uniquely written thru the dog’s point of view. Have you ever wondered how a puppy feels when he is rescued and belongs to a new family? Or how he feels when he gets lost and has to adapt to another loving family? Or if he really likes his name?

Follow Chip on his journey from family to family as he finds his true dog destiny. Another unique aspect of this book is the author. She is seven years old and met Chip along his adventure. She loved Chip but knew that his forever home was farther along the line.

Young children 6-8 will enjoy hearing the story and children nine and over will love reading this book independently.

Adults will enjoy sharing the adventure of an imaginative young writer.

5 Star Review Headline-Dog’s Journey To Find His Forever Home.

Seven-Year-Old Kyleigh Barboa’s descriptive attention to details unfolds in this heartwarming story (based on true story) of a dog’s journey to find his forever home.

…..The story begins with the birth Chip in a field in Springfield, Missouri. From his humble birth, Chip tells his own story of getting a new home, being lost, being rescued and his experience with a rescue organization called Dog Nation.

…..Children and adults alike will enjoy this feel good story about one dog’s journey. Let me share this quote from Chip in Chapter Five.

…..“A lady named Miss Shawn owned a rescue place called Dog’s Nation and she trained service dogs. Shawn met the family and agreed to take me to live with her.

…..As I left with Miss Shawn, I was starting to cry but her assistant, James, held me tight, comforted me, and talked nicely to me.  Shawn also brought some other dogs along so I would feel more comfortable. My first dog friend was a precious tiny little guy named Feathers. Feathers was small, cute and dark brown.  Feathers told me that I would be safe at Dog’s Nation, and Miss Shawn would take good care of me.”

Author Kyleigh Barboa’s love for animals is touching as she reminds everyone to “Micro-chip all of your pets because there is no place like home!”

Please read this book to the children in your life, or better yet, let them enjoy reading the story independently. Please pick up Kyleigh’s first publication titled ‘How To Be Great Parents: Through The Eyes Of A Child’.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎42 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (January 7, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Dogs
Grandma’s Book Club: Pets
Grandma’s Book Club: Farm

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How To Be Great Parents: Through The Eyes Of A Child
by Kyleigh Barboa

Parenting can be a daily challenge. Advice may come from well-meaning friends, relatives, or advice books.

“How to be Great Parents: Through the Eyes of a Child” gives the reader a unique look at parenting from a child’s perspective.

Whether the readers are expecting their first child, adopting, or just wanting to be the best parents they can possibly be, they will enjoy Kyleigh’s unique ideas on discipline, mealtime, doing chores, and other family issues.

The author’s thoughtful ideas will make you smile and carefully consider how you parent your children. This is a fun book for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, or anyone who would like a peek into the world of parenting thru the eyes of a precious child.

A great gift for a baby shower!

5 Star Review-Headline-“A Child Shall Lead Them”?

Have you heard the expression “A Child Shall Lead Them”?

…..This book titled ‘How to Be Great Parents: Through the Eyes of a Child’ is a solid example of a young child teaching adults how to be great parents.

…..Author Kyleigh Barboa is a very busy, bright first grader. When she is not reading, taking care of her baby dolls, and swimming, she is winning ‘Character’ honors and showing compassion to those around her.

…..In the introduction Kyleigh shares how observant she is, watching and learning from her parents.

…..Kyleigh shares the important of family meals and encourages parents to feed kids foods that are healthy and teach them good manners. (Chapter Two).

…..In Chapter Three, Kyleigh talks about what to do “If Kids Have Problems”.

…..Chapter Four deals with fun “Family Activities” and the role that pets play.

…..This book is suitable for children to read or have read to them, because Kyleigh talks about the importance of “Discipline” and what is working in her home. This can be found in Chapter Five.

…..In Chapter Six, Kyleigh give some great “Shopping with Children” advice.

…..Chapter Seven is very important and probably not high on parents list of things to teach their children. Kyleigh talks about “Money”.

…..The next chapters deal with “Learning Together”, “Parent Date Night”, “Bedtime”, “Sports and Lessons”, “Family Vacations”, “Chores” and a very relative topic for today’s children “Screen Time”.

…..Kyleigh shares many things in her “Conclusion”. She says “Be patient and give a lot of love, because all kids need that.”

…..Kyleigh’s sense of humor and love of life shines through in this book.

This book will make a great baby shower gift and should be put in the hospital ‘baby care box’ for all new parents.

Hopefully Kyleigh is finding time to write her next best seller.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎37 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (March 19, 2019)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Parenting (Books)

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About The Author: Kyleigh Barboa is a seven-year-old second grader who has always loved books.

My Name is CHIP! is based on a true story.  She was inspired to write this book when she met Chip along his journey to find his forever home.

Kyleigh currently has two frisky cats, Milkshake and his mother Phoebe.

She enjoys a variety of activities, including ice skating, roller-skating, bike riding, and riding her hover-board.

She loves activities that are fun and exciting. Kyleigh is also an accomplished mermaid who loves swimming.

Of all of her interests, her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her family and friends. 

This is Kyleigh’s second published book. You may enjoy reading her first book, How to be Great Parents, published in 2019.

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