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Clutches Of Revenge by Kayee Bradley

Carissa Langford is a businesswoman who dreams of having it all: a successful career and a beautiful family.

The death of her father, though, sets in motion consequences that she never could have foreseen, especially when her nasty stepmother with dark allies is left jilted by the will.

Ignorant of the storm building around her, Carissa meets Trevor Montgomery, handsome known womanizer. They charm each other, and despite his reputation, Carissa finds Trevor to be the man of her dreams.

However, Trevor has a hidden past wrought with heartbreak, and someone is out to get him. Cold, calculating Colton Jamison wants nothing more than to turn Trevor’s life into a living hell, and it doesn’t matter who he hurts along the way.

Carissa’s quiet life is now filled with dark obsession, revenge, and murder. As she is dragged further into the abyss with Trevor, she watches her life shatter.

Will she be able to survive the terror of one man’s revenge and protect the people she loves from the coming storm?

Global Library: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

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Shattered Pieces by Kayee Bradley

Marie Catherine DAubigne was a successful business woman, she had made a life for herself from practically nothing with the help of a wonderful man who was taken from her way to soon, creating a terrible void in her life.

One bad decision is all it took to change her life forever and now Marie must deal with the consequences of this decision.

Marie almost loses her life trying to protect her family from this crazed killer, who is intent on causing her death if he cannot have her for himself. Realizing Marie has found love, he is hell bent on destroying it and anything that will make her happy.

Marie is terrified of this man as she watches him slide further and further into madness, knowing it is her life he is trying to not only ruin but put an end to.

Marie not only has to fight to stay alive but protect and save the love she has come to find after thinking it was gone forever.

Global Library: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

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About The Author: K. Bradley lives in Southern Maryland. She enjoys being with her family and friends. Her first love has always been writing and now that she is retired it gives her the opportunity to do just that. She hopes you will enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them.

Message From Author: As far back as I can remember I have wanted to put “pen to paper” and create stories. Being the fourth child in a family of five not only is it an interesting placement in itself but add to that the age difference between myself and my siblings. The three were twelve to fifteen years older. Having a sister four years younger, sometimes it was like we had an extra set of parents. Add to that the time frame of growing up in the sixties I have accumulated a wealth of information.

Life sometimes dictates other avenues for people for many different reasons and I was one of them. After traveling to many places in this country and abroad with my ex-spouse who was in the military, I have encountered many interesting people all of my life. I have stored and taken note on many things. As with a lot of military families I needed to work to help raise my children.

I worked full time as well as taking courses when I could. This created my first career that would last for 12 years, then when my ex left the military, I changed careers and that also lasted many years. Both careers allowed me to meet and become associated with many interesting and diverse people and places.

Now at this point in my life with my children being grown I am in a position to pursue my passion, as well as spend time with my grandchildren. I write because I choose to, not for fame, glory or for notoriety but because I can.

Whoever takes the time to read my books I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

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