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Dead To Writes (Laura & Gerry Mystery Book 7) by Karen Vaughan

Natalie Fisher committed suicide after an author stole her work and published it as her own.

Two years later, her best friend Terri is found dead in her hotel room.

Are the two deaths connected?

Laura Fitz and Detective Gibbons are on the case to trap a ruthless author trying to get away with murder!

5 Star Review: Whether you have been following the Laura & Gerry Mystery series, or you are jumping into book seven in the series like myself, you will enjoy the read.

Sit back in your favorite beach chair, relax with lemonade in hand, and follow Laura Fitz and Detective Gibbons as they try to unravel the mystery of why Terri Carter is the second author to die. Best not to drink wine and eat dark chocolate while reading this very active, short, easy to read, suspenseful mystery. Keep reading and you will learn why….

Chapter one opens in November 2015 with Natalie Fisher frantically searching for her flash drive which holds her finished manuscript. If data has ever gone missing on your PC, you can relate to her dilemma. For an author who has just invested their life into a manuscript, traumatic is an understatement. This is the beginning of more than one mystery that will keep you turning the page. Question remains, is theft of a manuscript worth committing suicide over?

With a full cast of well-developed characters that could live in a home town near you, each with their part to play in this believable story line that could end up on the TV show ID Discovery. Laura’s eccentric neighbor Myrna might hold an important key in the case. Human emotions run deep surrounding envy, thief, suicide, sabotage, revenge and possible plausible deniability.

I invite you to join Detective Gibbons at the Convention Centre for the Writers’ Symposium. He is there to talk to the authors and follow through on some alibis. This will be a challenge as the authors are still in shock over “Such a brilliant candle in the literary world snuffed way too soon!”

I invite you the pick up the whole Laura & Gerry Mystery series for you reading enjoyment.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

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Daytona Dead (Laura & Gerry Mystery Book 3) by Karen Vaughan

The honeymoon of Laura and Gerry Fitz is off to a fast-paced yet deadly start when they arrive in Florida.

There is a maniac behind the wheel who needs to win at all costs.

When he wins, life is great but when he loses he is Driven To Kill!

The first victim off the starting line is Laura’s ex-husband Lou, and she is taking it personally.

Mix in a creepy cop and some unexpected surprises and you have a race for your life.

Who will win and who will wipe out?…

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

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Dead Comic Standing by Karen Vaughan

Stand-up comic Dave Feener has a great rapport with his audience, so when his body is found maliciously stabbed a short distance away from The Laff Attak where he’s just performed, there seems to be no real motive for the brutal murder.

A serial killer who does not think local comics are funny has just begun his rampage.

Constables Mike Borneo and Lissa Cassway along with detective Vince Vetters are racing to find the killer before he claims another victim.

Was Feener just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Left with his wedding ring and his wallet, Feener’s body isn’t even cold when the killer strikes again-this time stabbing Phil Vetters, a comic known for his redneck shtick and the brother of detective Vince Vetters.

Just as Vince vows revenge, the killer makes a fateful mistake when he stabs another comic and does not ensure his victim is dead before he leaves the crime scene.

The killer is a sicko, but not an idiot. He’s right under everyone’s noses and the anticipation of a righteous kill is all just part of the fun.

Only time will tell if the killer will have the last laugh.

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

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Dead Men Don’t Swing (Laura & Gerry Mystery Book 4) by Karen Vaughan

Laura and Gerry are at it again:

They’re trying to stay ahead of a swinging killer with a deadly aim.

Laura also does battle with a bitchy tenant and a lecherous school janitor.

When a body falls out of the sky and lands in a dumpster the case adds up to murder.

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

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Dead On Arrival (Laura & Gerry Mystery Book 1) by Karen Vaughan

Laura Hamilton, wakes up one morning only to find out a dead body inside her apartment.

It was, after all, her ex-coworker, “Velcro” Hodges, a debt collector who was known to leech on his prey until the debt is already paid in full. But why was he dropped insider Laura’s room?

Now someone wants Laura to be dead.

As the plot thickens, Laura tries to find out on who could possibly want her next to be in cold blood.

Lead Detective Inspector Jeff Gibbons helps her, tracking any leads he gets, but that doesn’t seem to help solve the puzzle.

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

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Holmes In America (Sherlock/Holmes Mystery
Book 1) by Karen Vaughan

Nigel Holmes is a British Police Officer sent to Toronto after a witness was brutally murdered on his watch.

Kristen Sherlock is a Detective who was framed for drug possession and is being harassed by a dirty cop bent on ruining her.

Nigel is politically incorrect and swears like a trucker.

Kristen is a by-the-book Police Officer.

Can they work together without driving each other nuts before her stalker hurts Kristen?

Nigel, Kristen and her former partner, Craig, work to bring the stalker down.

Genre: Humor, Satire, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense



Jamaica Dead (Laura & Gerry Mystery Book 5) by Karen Vaughan

After Graduating from the Crime scene investigator course, Laura and Gerry escape for some quality time in Jamaica.

As usual, things are not going according to Hoyle for Cookie the corpse magnet as another murder takes place.

The victim was obnoxious and not widely admired by his fellow vacationers but what did Donovan Mitchell do to deserve death?

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense



Left For Dead (Laura & Gerry Mystery Book 6) by Karen Vaughan

Things are really starting to heat up in the Fitz family.

Gerry’s cousin and best buddy is left for dead after a beating.

When the thugs responsible find out he didn’t die, the game is on to keep Pete safe until he has to testify.

After finding a body on a mountain trail in cottage country Laura helps a local police officer solve the crime while waiting for the birth of her first baby.

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense



Over Her Dead Body (Laura & Gerry Mystery
Book 2) by Karen H. Vaughan

Take one beautiful vindictive woman…. she’s 1-part bimbo and 2 parts lethal gangsta- gun moll.

Watch her try and hold onto her 84-year-old husband by having his octogenarian paramour knocked off. Sometimes greed and jealousy lead to the last resort ……Murder!!

Laura, Gerry and Gibbons try to stop her from also killing her husband, without getting themselves knocked off in the process!…

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

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Playing Dead (A Jeff Gibbons Experience) by Karen Vaughan

On a cold November night, a man is dead and his sister is looking for answers.

Jeff Gibbons is on the scene to get the answers Rhonnie needs.

Get ready for a wild ride and some romance.

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Police Procedurals



About Karen Vaughan: Karen Vaughan lives in Peterborough, Ontario with her husband Jim and a cat named JJ who has plenty of catitude!

Karen started her literary journey in 2005 when she was home on sick leave and was tired of staring at the four walls or twiddling her thumbs. An idea for what would become “Dead On Arrival” popped in to her head and the feisty 30 something character Laura wouldn’t leave her alone til her story was written. Laura took a break from pestering the poor author so she could write a free-standing novel “Dead Comic Standing, Soon Laura was on the campaign to get Karen back to what would become the Laura and Gerry series. It now has 7 books, the latest being “Dead To Writes”.

Karen is the proud mom of one, step-mom of 4 grown kids, and 2 grandchildren. While not writing her fingers to the bone she hosts “Writer’s Round Table’ and an online radio show the second Tuesday of each month. She is also a partner with Viv Drewa in “Owl & Puzzycat Promotions” promoting independent authors. Karen is also a stand-up comedian who does her routine for local talent nights. She also loves reading, crafts and drawing.

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