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Feathered Serpents (Volume 1) by Joyce Keller Walsh

When detective Sebastian Calderón moves from Arizona to Cape Cod to become Chief of Police, he is bored and unchallenged.

But his routine is soon shaken when an opera diva’s “pet” anaconda attacks her and he encounters multiple murders in a realm of transgenic research and mysticism, with links to his ancient Toltec past.

Series: Feathered Serpents (Book 1)

Global Library: Technothrillers, International Mystery, Crime, Historical Fiction

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Tezcatlipoca: The Smoking Mirror (Feathered Serpents Volume 2) by Joyce Keller Walsh

Police Chief Sebastian Calderón has left Cape Cod for Mexico to track the fugitive bioengineers of an illegal Quetzalcoatl. His only source of information is the mysterious Tezca, a woman he doesn’t trust.

During his investigation, he is ambushed, rendered unconscious, and awakens to find himself trapped in a stone chamber. No one knows where he is, neither his daughter in Paris, nor his Deputy back home—who is pursuing a lead that will take him to a fateful outcome.

There is no way out of the tomb and Calderón suspects it was Tezca who put him there to die.

Series: Feathered Serpents (Book 2)

Global Library: Technothrillers, International Mystery, Crime, Historical Fiction

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Author The Author: Joyce Keller Walsh’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University (in English) and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University (in Psychology). Her last position, for eight years before retirement, was as the Managing Editor of an international journal of cancer epidemiology (“Cancer Causes and Control”) at the Harvard School of Public Health, where I worked in several research and managerial positions.

In addition to published books and produced plays, she also wrote and edited a variety of nonfiction, health-related works, including the book, Morbidity and Mortality in the United States, published by the American Public Health Association. She contributed numerous articles to other books, magazines, and newspapers.

As a playwright, Joyce has had numerous productions of both full-length and short works in Boston and New York.  I’m the recipient of a Massachusetts Grant in Playwriting, a Massachusetts Artists Foundation Award, and an ARTA (American Regional Theatre Award.)

For the past seven years, as a member of Authors Without Borders, she has been a host/producer/director (on a revolving basis with the other AWB members) of a cable t. v. show out of New Bedford, MA — “Authors Without Borders Presents” — interviewing regional authors, publishers, and others associated with publishing.

Available Titles:

  • The Pittsley County Chronicles (a contemporary mystery trilogy). The Pittsley County Chronicles Trilogy and Screenplay, Juckets, is currently under option by Command Performance Productions (New York)
  • Juckets: Swamp Yankees
  • Bog Men
  • Winterkill (psychological mystery)
  • Strummin’ the Banjo Moon (mainstream novel)
  • SLEUTH-Blog (nonfiction murder investigation)
  • Feathered Serpents (mystery on Cape Cod)
  • Feathered Serpents II. Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror (set in Mexico and Cape Cod)

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