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Listen (The Chronicles of Araceli)
by Josephine Wrightson

Some of us are meant to grow old disgracefully but morality is very much our own choice.

Patience a dark-haired fat greying woman. No longer the young nimble striking girl she had once been. Yet still able to turn heads; beauty such as hers didn’t diminish. Finds herself in a position of unyielding terror followed close behind by an unyielding love. One she had never known in all her years. All consuming. Which would Patience give in to?

When everything you have ever known and believed suddenly becomes fiction and fiction you had only seen in cinemas becomes fact. How would you stop the terror?

When Patience finds herself yet again alone; never quite able to pick that one genuine good man. Her world as she’d always known turns into something akin to a movie. She’s left fighting for her life; with not only hers at stake…Talan. Should she allow life (fear) to take her over or grab on with both hands and over take it?

The decision is only hers.

Series: The Chronicles of Araceli (Book 1)
Ages: 18 and Up
Global Library: Science Fiction Romance

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Message From The Author: Having been enticed by words from the time when I was first able to read, I love them.

From physiological to horror but most of all the heroes and heroines’ others have created. Or as it is now the world beyond paper known as the web.

I have created words and characters of my own.

I hope you enjoy my passion.

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