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Hidden Secrets by J. S. Andersen

Missy Mack is an average teen living a normal life until a new drug resurfaces in her hometown.

Trying not to get in trouble, Missy drags a new move in neighbor, Brandon Miller, on a risky journey to find the source. She knows there is action going on across the street from her house during the night in an empty field.

The more she looks into it, she finds out her parents have buried secrets they don’t want revealed, and Missy’s life is in for a change when she finds out what her parents are hiding including her mom’s high school boyfriend everyone thought is dead, or is he and his ghost back to haunt?

Message From The Author: When I was as a kid, I heard grinding noises down the street from a rock grinder. To me, it sounded like a tracker driving across the street in the field late at night. My imagination visualized a ghost driving the tracker digging for something. That is what the story is based on.

To add more to the story, I added history of the underground tunnels and Big Foot. Not Sasquatch, but Chief Nampia, which in Native American means Big Foot. It could be Folklore or it could be real, not sure if anyone really knows. Read the story and see for yourself.

Never give-up on your goals.

Review: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great Read! “This is an intriguing story of a teenage girl and her misadventures with her friends. Something strange is going on in the neighborhood and she wants to find out what. This is a well written book that left me wondering what would come next. Great first novel from this author. You won’t be sorry you got it.” Review by GR8Trek, Amazon Customer

Global Library: Fantasy (Paranormal)

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About The Author: Jeanette has always had the passion to write and create stories of all kinds. With a list of plots for her future books, her genres vary from Y.A., Mystery, Historical/Fiction, Chick Novella, and on.

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