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The Spiritual Treasure Trove: A Collection of Bible Topics
for Meditation and Study by Charles Ray Smith

This book amasses a preponderance of truly beneficial and desirable topics useful for study and meditation in order to derive one’s own convictions.

It is unique in that there is a reliance on the things actually written rather than the varying and diverse opinions and views of men.

It is a most effective way to enhance the knowledge and understanding of God’s Will, by allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture.

5 Star Review: The Spiritual TREASURE TROVE by Charles Ray Smith is a comprehensive collection of Bible Topics for Medication and Study.

*****256 amazing topics to read and mediate on. Each topic like ‘Doing What Pleases God’, ‘Faithful in an Unfaithful World’, ‘God’s Mercy’, and ‘Global Warnings’ has a description with a list of Bible Verses pertaining to that topic. Next, there are a list of “Discussion Questions”. Finally, the author tests your completion with a series of ‘Fill in the Blanks’.

*****Author Charles Ray Smith says it best when he describes his book as “A Unique Topical Study Book with a Literary Flow”. Charles states that this ardent compilation of Scriptural text over a period of four years to write in what he states is “a labor of love”.

*****Charles has spent “over thirty-five years of teaching, researching, reading, studying, meditating, and praying in order to give students insight into God’s Book Divine”. He has organized this book in such a way that individuals and groups can be involved in reading and participating in each bible study within this book. He uses The King James Version of the Bible throughout this book.

*****I quote from Author and Bible Teacher Charles Ray Smith “May God bless you tremendously as you draw nearer to Him in the study and application of His Word”.

*****It is my impression that Author Charles Ray Smith has written this book under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

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About The Author: Charles is Church of Christ Elder, Leader of the Biblical Correspondence Ministry, Biblical Teacher, Postal Carrier, and Deep Sea Fisherman.

Charles is married and an extremely proud father of (3) sons & (1) daughter (all successful) and he is a devoted grandfather and family man.

Future Businessman: Charles has a motto. “Continue learning, be prayerful all times, God/Christ first, family should always be a strong bond, men take good, good care of your wives, you lead by example especially with kids, and always survey even when they are grown. They will thank you so much later on for be a steady, strict, positive, always loving, quiet “Rock” in their lives.”


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