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Tales of Tucson: Two Herberts, Two Years, Tucson by Anthony Randall

Imagine this: You’ve been let out of your cage, given the keys to an exciting city and free rein in a land far from home. You’re twenty-seven, not bad looking, in a band playing gigs all over town; the climate is roasting, the girls even hotter. You work for a gangster; his middle-aged Wife is after you and so is her multi-million-dollar heiress friend. You’re paid in cash; you don’t pay taxes; you don’t pay for much at all. You drink, you party, you indulge yourself in a lackadaisical drug fuelled love spree …

You’d have some tales to tell, right?

It’s 1988; Tom Reynolds and Seamus Montgomery experience a turbulent extravaganza in and around this desert town; embroiled with mobsters, drugs, Reggae music, Champagne and armfuls of young ladies. They flout the law, get shot at, steal, blow things up and charm the pants off the locals. We see the depths of their depravity, the enormity of their fun and their souls bared. The girls, the Mother figures, their tyrannical boss, their bandmates, and the total lunatics they encounter along the way; in a hot and spicy, satirical melodrama, crammed with hilarity and pathos that will beg the question, why did you never do this yourself?

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Paperback: 481 Pages
Global Library: Humorous (Erotica)
Global Library: Humor (Action & Adventure Erotica)
Global Library: Fiction (Humorous Erotica)

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The English Sombrero: Nothing To Do But Run:
Volume 1 by Anthony Randall and Doug Goddard

It’s 1999, twenty-six stone alcoholic, chain smoking, fast food junkie, millionaire businessman Don Simmons has a drunken £250’000 bet that he can complete a half marathon in under an hour and a half. Once sober and realizing the seriousness of his wager, he decides to take a year out, move to Spain, shed half his body weight and commence a gruelling training regime in order to preserve his esteem, win the money and save his life.

This humorous novel set for the most part against the back drop of beautiful Catalonia, is book one in a series of four following the outrageous exploits of a modern-day Avenger, a righter of wrongs, champion of Adversity and lover of malt whiskey.

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Paperback: 321 Pages
Global Library: Sports (Humor)
Global Library: Humor (Sports)

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The English Sombrero: The Little White Ball:
Volume 2 by Anthony Randall and Doug Goddard

It’s been seven years since wealthy entrepreneur Don Simmons totally changed his life around, literally becoming a new man. A transformation that not only prolonged his life, but erupted into a love affair, a romance with the interior and people of Catalonia, and the wonders of the Costa Brava. Now in the spring of 2007, on a business trip back to his headquarters in England Don completes on a land deal that propels him into Billionaire status.

After celebrating his success, he is devastated to hear that his beloved local football team Well Green are about to be wound up and that the land is to be sold to a developer and turned into a housing complex. Angered further to hear that the developer is an old enemy, Don launches himself into a mission to not only save the tiny ninth tier club from extinction, but to for fill a lifelong dream of becoming the club’s owner and, bolstered by a massive cash injection, propel them through the ranks of the Football Association challenge Cup.

This is a joyous and heartwarming tale, full of good humour, trials, tears and triumphs, set in picturesque splendour of two contrasting landscapes, brimming with colour, dazzling description and fascinating characters. The story will make you proud to have been able to eves drop on a chapter in the life of Don Simmons and leave you keen to explore the next riveting installment.

Product Details:
Paperback: 379 Pages
Global Library: Sports (Humor)
Global Library: Humor (Sports)

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Biography: Doug Goddard and I started writing together back in 2002, Doug is Dyslexic and originally asked me to first decipher his scrawl, and then to correct his spelling in order to turn his story into a book. As an avid book reader I realized instantly the lack of content in his writing and proposed that we write together, his stories, my words, I believe the synergy works well, the analogy I have given it is of him giving me a pencil sketch and me turning it into an oil painting.

My back ground is music, I have been a song writer and singer for more than thirty years, yes I’m really that old, and I still pen the odd tune now and then, but I have found a new addiction in the form of novelist.

We have published two novels on Amazon in the English Sombrero series, ‘Nothing to do but run’ and ‘The Little White Ball’. Book three ‘Choice’ is under construction, as is another title ‘Tip of the Teaspoon’ a vigilante thriller, and I have just released my debut novel ‘Tales of Tucson’, a spicy rock & Roll comedy set in 1988/89, based on fact and played out in the roasting Arizonian desert.

I have a short story titled ‘Colin & Sandy’ featured in the McMillan Charity anthology ‘You’re not alone’, and I also contribute monthly to Mom’s Favorite Reads, an online magazine packed with stories, articles and anecdotes from independent authors, and interviews with interesting public figures. You can read my continuing tales of Superfly (my function band) in there and the occasional short story.

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